Tenrikyo Pearl Church is an establishment dedicated to spreading the faith of Tenrikyo, which is a religious organization based in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture, Japan, that was founded on the revelations of Miki Nakayama (1798–1887) and Izo Iburi (1833–1907). We are committed to promoting the teaching of “Respecting and Helping One Another,” starting with our respective families and extending into local community and the state of Hawaii through conducting the salvation service, community service in the spirit of Hinokishin and providing spiritual guidance through the administration of the healing prayer of Sazuke.

We are located in Kaimuki, a small town of Honolulu in the Palolo Valley.

Our Objective

Tenrikyo Pearl Church is dedicated to teaching others how to cleanse our minds, help others, and perform the service at our church located in the Kaimuki, Palolo Valley community through the teachings of Tenrikyo.

Who We are

What do we do?

There are four general areas that describe what Pearl Church does on a regular basis that anyone interested may join in (in no particular order):

  • Perform the Service
  • Hinokishin
  • Administer the Sazuke (a healing prayer)
  • Convey the Tenrikyo teachings


Our daily service is performed twice a day; once in the morning (6:15am) and the second time in the evening (5:30pm). It consists of the performance of the seated service, practice of the Teodori, and then a brief reading of the Tenrikyo Scriptures or Tenrikyo publication. The entire activity takes less than 30 minutes.

Our monthly services are held on the second Sunday of each month. The purpose of this service is to pray for world salvation. This service consists of the performance of the seated service, Yorozuyo, and the Twelve Songs with the accompaniment of the 9 musical instruments.


Hinokishin is simply an action taken in gratitude of God the Parent for our healthy bodies and daily blessings. The “Hinokishin activities” that Pearl Church coordinates is in yard work for elderly or disabled in the community. We also partake in yardwork and Tenrikyo activities in the Young Men’s Association, Women’s Association and Young Women’s Club; groups that are under the Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii.

Administer the Sazuke (a healing prayer)

The Sazuke is a healing prayer that is granted to those who have pledged to follow the Divine Model of Oyasama and attended the 9 Besseki lectures at the Jiba. People who were granted the Sazuke are called Yoboku.

If you wish to have the Sazuke administered upon you for any illness or physical injury, please contact us for an appointment.

Click on the link to learn more about the Sazuke.

Convey the Tenrikyo teachings

If you wish to learn more about Tenrikyo, we would first recommend you to attend one of our monthly services to experience some of the teachings and it would be a good opportunity to ask questions.

For the more adventurous the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii offers a 1-month course, called Shuyokai, which is held once a year. Please contact us for further details.

How can you join?

We do not have any kind of membership process or fees. You may contact us or visit our location to learn more about the Tenrikyo teachings and the upcoming events. “Joined” is simply implied when one partakes in our activities.


Pearl Church was established in September 29, 1934 by Rev. Tsugi Nagayama. (read more here: The Life of a Woman Missionary).

Basic Teachings of Tenrikyo

  • God the Parent, the provider of our daily blessings and divine guidance.
  • Hinokishin, the teaching of showing gratitude to God for the constant workings that keep us alive and correcting the misuses of our mind (or collection of “Dusts of the Mind“), through selfless actions.
  • Joyous Acceptance, the teaching which allows us to live each day with gratitude by accepting all situations in life with joy and realizing the truth of God’s intention for us, human beings. This can be accomplished through the practice and understanding of other teachings like the teaching of causality.


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