All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day at Honolulu Zoo 2012

The “All” Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day will be held next week Saturday 4/28, 9am – 11am at Honolulu Zoo. We will be wearing the brown or navy blue “one world, one family” t-shirt. If you still have the lime green one, you may wear that one if you wish. Also, if you have, please bring your own outdoor dust pans, rakes and brooms. Make sure you indicate your name on it so that it can be identified if it is mixed with other similar equipment

If you want to purchase the new one, please let me know your size by tomorrow. Also if you plan to ride on the school bus from Pearl Church 8:10 or Palolo Pool 8:20am. Please let me know asap, so we can hold your seat. It may be wise to take the school bus as the parking situation may be difficult.

Also, we’re planning to serve chili dog on rice or bun for Pearl Church members and friends. I need volunteers to:

  • pickup Zippy’s chili (one bucket).
  • bring hot dogs (40 cooked).
  • bring steamed rice (8 cups with paddle)

I’ll be bringing the paper goods, hot dog buns, condiments, some water, a table and mat.

Please click on this link for fliers and more information.

Rev. Owen

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