Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar and Bazaar Hinokishin (Prep work and running)

Thank you all for your bazaar hinokishin last Saturday and extra thanks to those who been coming ever since.

We are rapidly approaching the bazaar day on Sunday, August 28, from 8:30am – 2:30pm. Please forward the attached bazaar flyer to friends, family and your respective church congregations.

Just a few reminders and requests:

1. Some of you may know that there is a major storm or hurricane system passing south of the islands in about a week.  Let us first give our thanks for our daily blessings, express our gratitude through our sincere hinokishin, and pray for minimal negative weather impact on the bazaar.

2. Bazaar Hinokshin this weekend
Sat. 8/20, 9am: TCC general cleaning, clean bathrooms, rakes leaves, weeding in the Japanese Garden, weed whacking behind judo hall, west house and along Robinson Lane. Sun 8/21, 1pm (after MHQ monthly service),

  1. Setup canopies: Library-Judo, Games, BBQ Chicken, Vegetables, Cut flowers (need windbreaker), Plants, and Bubble Drink
  2. Need canopy over back of storage shed.
  3. Construct: Bazaar booths, scrip booths, sushi rack, cut flowers shelving, build more barricades, check on signs.

We had a low turnout last Saturday, so please help us contact people to come out to help!  Forward this email to who ever you know.

Owen Nakao

Download the Bazaar Flier.

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