Bazaar Hinokishin 2012

Thank you to you all for your support of the bazaar and church activities.
The bazaar is coming up on August 26th and we need hands to help with preparations:  the more hands we have, the easier it is for everyone.  Mahalo!

Sat 8/18, 9am-11am General cleaning:

  1. Weed whacking, hedge and some tree trimming, roof & gutter cleaning,
  2. bathroom, windows, screens and doors cleaning.

Sun 8/19 1:00pm (After MHQ monthly service

  1. Setup canopies: Library-Judo, Games, BBQ Chicken, Vegetables, Cut flowers (need windbreaker), Plants
  2. Need canopy over back of storage shed.
  3. Construct: Bazaar booths, scrip booths, sushi rack, cut flowers shelving, build more barricades if necessary, check on signs.

Owen Nakao
Bazaar chair

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