Bazaar Mahalo!

Thank you very much everyone! The 46th Annual Bazaar was successfully held with most of the items being sold out near the bazaar end-time of 2pm. Most important of all without any major negative incident or accident!

I heard many good comments about the bazaar. “This is a really great bazaar!” “I come every year, I really enjoy this bazaar!” And the people just kept coming in a steady stream. If people keep coming it tells you something. Everyone is smiling, enjoying the food, picnicking under a shady tree, and having a good time with great food and entertainment!

This is a really special bazaar and I feel very privileged to be part of it. People try to figure out what is that makes the bazaar great by saying, “this bazaar is very organized!”

I believe that one reason is the location. We’ve been really blessed with a beautiful property with shady trees and a fresh breeze. The other of course is the people’s sincere hinokishin.

People like Helen Takata, 98 years old who took on the responsibility of selling the used books and shoes, several years ago. God bless her! Now with her daughters Judith and Christine helping, it’s become a popular item! She fell and hit her head on the concrete walkway on the Saturday before the bazaar. She went to the hospital bleeding with a big lump on her head. She comes back the next day to help at the bazaar! Of course we had her sit down! She says, “I love the bazaar, I love serving the people who come!”

I would like to thank Bishop and Mrs. Yamanaka for their support, their “hands on” hinokishin assistance and leadership. Thank you to the many members and friends who have made invaluable contributions in time, physical and emotional effort, material and financial contributions for the success of the bazaar!

Please have your respective church members and friends join us for the Bazaar Mahalo luncheon on Sunday September 18th at Mission HQ after the monthly service.

Evaluation meeting on Monday, September 26 at 9:45am (after Yohaishiki) and at 7pm. Please attend one or the other.


Owen Nakao

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