Garage Sale Success!

Taeko and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported today’s garage sale.  Net proceeds amounted to $985 with an anonymous donor adding $15 to make it $1,000.  As in any “major” endeavor, it is the combined efforts of everyone involved that has made this year’s garage sale a success.  This is the most ever, with our garage sales netting about 658 last year and 823 two years ago.

This year we’ve also experienced non members (of Pearl Church) donating their used items and then shop for other items at our garage sale.  Including someone who donated funds for the stone pavement project a few months ago just because she used to live in this area and saw our website.  A realtor who is representing the owner who is selling the property in the back of Pearl Church donated some items.  Rev. & Mrs. Colin Saito of Honolulu Church who also donated items and came to shop at our garage sale.  Many thanks and Aloha to all of you!

Rev. Owen Nakao

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