Hawaii Convention & TPC Guests

We would like to thank all of you who attended the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 which completed this morning with over 300 participants, including eleven from Pearl Church!  I am very happy and grateful for all who participated and those who participated in spirit.  I hope that the experience brought greater meaning to the teachings and hope for the future to all of you as it did for me.

Special thanks to Lewis who dedicated his time 24/7 in true hinokishin without compensation except meals and accommodations in preparation for the event, and also paid his own airfare to return to Hawaii and back to Japan.  He is scheduled to return to Jiba on June 2nd to start his one year of service at the Overseas Department, North America/Oceania Section headed by Rev. Takaharu Ichise.

We say farewell to Heidi Miura (Lucas' 3-month Spiritual Development Course classmate) who stayed at Pearl Church from 5/27-30 to attend the Hawaii Convention departed tonight to return to Los Angeles.

And please welcome Minako Fujisawa (Taeko's sister's friend's niece) whose father is a church head minister in Tokyo.  Arrived in time to attend the last two days of the convention, she will be departing on June 9.

Rev. Masahiko Iburi, president of Tenri University and Rev. Hiroaki Nagao, vice head of the Overseas Department will be visiting a number of Honolulu churches on, Wednesday, June 1st including Pearl Church.  If you happen to be “off” from work, please join us in receiving the honor of meeting them.  They are scheduled to visit Pearl Church at about 10:45am. 

Rev. Owen Nakao

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