January Grand Service 2014

Thank you everyone for your sincere offerings and dedicated hinokishin in the community and for the Path.

This month’s service is called the January Grand Service instead of monthly service because we are observing Oyasama’s withdrawal from physical life which occurred on January 26, 1887. She is not reborn into another human body, like the rest of us, but that She is everliving in spirit, working day and night for world salvation.

We were mentioning to some of you that the “new” Bishop and Mrs. Yamanaka would be attending the Pearl Church service for the first time since he became bishop, however, due to the untimely passing of his brother in Japan, he will be cancelling his visit to attend the funeral.

We are disappointed, however, we urge everyone make every effort to attend and worship just the same.

Miracles do happen and in our sermon, we will be discussing how we should use seemingly negative situations in a positive way and resolve to plant good seeds that will lead us to the Joyous Life.

Tenrikyo Pearl Church
January Grand Service
Sunday, January 12, 2014, 10am
Healing Session: 12noon
1634 10th Avenue
Ph: 808-734-1449

Rev. Owen Nakao

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