Jarrett Pride Day 2015

Sushi and Bubble Drink booth at Jarrett Pride Day

Hi members and friends,

Blessed with sunny weather and your support we were able to successfully conduct our first and hopefully annual Jarrett Pride Day. To have other faces represent our church was gratifying and shows how Pearl Church members are supporting the school. I think it was also good for you to see how we are making a difference in the community by supporting the Foundation. The atmosphere was so uplifting and positive. You can see the spirit in the kids, their parents, the teachers, the school support staff, the people in the foundation and the people in the community. I’m sure you were encouraged to see how the different organizations in the community and groups within the school all came together in support of Jarrett Pride Day. The teachers also got involved, helping at the games booths, helping with the bake sale, having the band and ukulele club perform and getting dunked a the dunking booth so many times including the Principal Dr. Kuba!

Jarrett Foundation booth at Jarrett Pride Day

We hope to do this every year! The kids (and everyone) can see how caring and nurturing this community is. When they get older they will remember and know how important this event is. They will come back as supporters or start their own pride day in the communities they live.

Thank you for helping at the Sushi, Bubble drink and the Foundation Booth!

Rev. Owen & Taeko Nakao

Jarrett Middle School Foundation website



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