Tenrikyo Pearl Church Monthly Service – 2009 July Monthly Service

Good morning!  I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to attend the July Monthly Service here at Tenrikyo Pearl Church and thank you for your kind and sincere offerings.  I am sure God the Parent and Oyasama is really happy to see you all here today and to have performed the service with joy and in high spirits!


We can use our body due to the blessing of God the Parent.  Today we will talk about the 6th Providence, Kashikone no Mikoto.  In the beginning of this world, God used the flat fish as the instrument for breathing and speaking, in the world the instrument for wind.  The flat fish swims by fluttering itself on the bottom of the ocean.

Breathing means that we inhale and exhale: we take in fresh air with oxygen.  The oxygen is distributed throughout the body by the blood stream.  The oxygen is used to burn the nutrients to give us energy and the waste product of carbon dioxide is dissolved in the blood and then taken to the lungs and is exhaled.  This is how we are kept alive everyday.

Through breathing and speaking, we can say a word. God gave only humans the ability to utter a word because animals are not able to speak.  I think the purpose was for us to utter warm and kind words to each other.  However, we can also use words to cut our relationships.

Oyasama warned that we should not use cutting words or words that hurt others.  Also, we should not use malicious and blistering remarks or words that suppress people.  It is just like poisoning the people or blowing poison from your mouth.

In the Osashizu, November 23, 1890 (Meiji 23), it says:

“Always keep your mind pure.  Talk to the person directly rather than behind their backs. If it there is something that needs to be told, say it in front of the person involved and not to other people.  If you say it behind their back, it is a serious crime.”

When you get ill with asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases, laryngitis, we should think about how we are using our words.  We should consider the words we are using on a daily basis.  When we look at this chart, we see that disorders of the lungs are related to the dust of hatred.  For example, even when someone speaks badly about us, we still talk good about them.  This is how we can sweep away our dust of hatred.  (Ref: from Rev. Yoshitaro Ueda’s book “Kihon Kyori wo Minitsukeyo, Ten Providences” page 73).

Oyasama always told the followers that when you say bad things behind a persons back, it is just like making a debt.  And at the same time, when we say good things about a person, we can accumulate virtue in our mind.  So we should say good things about a person and not complain about a person.  This is how we can be saved from pulmonary conditions and illnesses in general.

Now, in the human body, regarding breathing and speaking, in this whole world, plants and vegetables grow, because of the providence of fire, water and wind.  Also, we are living with this oxygen in the air.  That’s how we are kept alive.

We can live for one week without food.  We can live for three days without water.  However, we cannot live without oxygen for even three minutes.

I heard that oxygen is the most important nutrient in our body.  All directions come from our brain. So if we have enough oxygen in our brain cells, we can think well and think positively.  Among our organs, the brain needs the most oxygen.  25% of the oxygen goes to the brain.  That’s why if we inhale and exhale deeply, enough oxygen will go to the brain so that the brain will function at its optimum.

Nowadays, people are lacking in oxygen because, they are eating chemicals in the form of preservatives in frozen and processed foods.  These types of foods are difficult to burn so they cannot change into energy.  Also, the air is polluted with more carbon dioxide and less oxygen.  The people are using cars and other transportation rather than walking or running resulting in less exercise.  Therefore the body is not getting sufficient oxygen.

Consequently, the blood becomes thick and this causes various illnesses.  Also, when there is a lot of stress in our life, this also causes a lack of oxygen.

What happens when we replenish oxygen in our brain?  We can better concentrate on our work and study.  When there is a lot of oxygen in our brain, the brain can relax and can sleep well.  Also we can maintain a stable demeanor or balanced personality.  Lastly oxygen invigorates or activates the prevention of Alzheimer disease.

Dr. Nobuo Shioya, who is a medical doctor, practiced breathing techniques and lived until 105 years old!

In this the providence of breathing and speaking, Kashikone no Mikoto, we should be careful on how we speak:

  1. Do not complain and talk badly about someone behind their back.
  2. Keep a mind of gratitude and say words of thanks
  3. Always think and say positive things.

Also, let’s try to keep a good habit of filling our body with oxygen by breathing properly and give positive energy to those who have a negative attitude.  (Ref: Dr. Shioya Nobuo, M.D. book called, “Jizai Ryoku”)


  1. I would like to thank all of you who participated and volunteered at the recent Tenrikyo Picnic held at Kapiolani Park on July 3rd.  If you watch KITV news that night, you would have seen a report on the picnic.
  2. This month I will depart with the Children’s Pilgrimage Jiba Hawaii group this Thursday, July 16th.  Joining me will be Grace, Marika, Stacey, Lewis and Lewis’ college friend Nicole. Marika will be joining the BGA Hinokishin Corps.  Stacey will be attending the Besseki lectures and helping with the Children’s Pilgrimage.  And Lewis will be in the YMA International Hinokishin Corps and serve as counselor for the BGA Hinokishin Corps.  Also Yuki and Chisato Yamazaki, Setsumi, Sara and Matthew, will be joining us in Japan.
  3. Next month is the annual Tenrikyo Bazaar.  Again, we ask for everyone’s support with scrip     sales and chicken tickets sales and hinokishin help.  The bazaar will be on the 5th Sunday,         August 30th, 8:30 – 2:30 at Tenri Cultural Center.

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