March Monthly Service

Have you ever gotten so angry that you lost control of yourself and did something regrettable? I'm sure most of us have. This month we return to our mental dust series and focus on the dust of “ANGER!” …Something positive for a change.

March Monthly Service

Tenrikyo Pearl Church
1634 10th Avenue
Sunday, March 9, 2008
10:00 a.m.

Join us in the service for universal salvation! Spread the ever widening circle of friends and family that will eventually encompass the globe bringing salvation and peace by inviting them to attend!

We bid farewell to our Swiss home stay student, Lisa Panigada who departed on February 29 and we welcome Taketo Ikehara, 15, of Osaka, Japan, who arrived last Monday.

Lisa (in black) with AJ and Rachel who came over to teach an early morning yoga class and breakfast!

Lisa enjoying Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day tradition) at Pearl Church

Taketo's first day at Pearl Church as a home stay student!

Pastor Owen

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