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Aloha members and friends!

Thousands of individual lives have been inspired and transformed by attending the 3-month Spiritual Development Course (Shuyoka) in Jiba.  But taking 3 months off from work and/or school is difficult for most people. Therefore a shorter condensed version is offered locally in Hawaii and Los Angeles, called “Shuyokai,” referred to as One-month Spiritual Development Course.

Attendees stay at Mission HQ for four weeks, wake up early every morning and start the day with sanctuary and facility cleaning, morning service, attend classes on the Tenrikyo teachings, participate in the group discussions, practice the service, and engage in Hinokishin activities.  All of this is designed to cleanse your mind of unnecessary thoughts and tendencies, deepen your faith and understanding of the teachings, thereby enabling you to find your path to the Joyous Life.

Course Dates: Sunday, June 19th – Thursday, July 14th.
Location: Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii
2920 Pali Hwy.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Graduates of this course have experienced a spiritual cleansing, physical healing, self-realization and a higher level of awareness in their life.

If you have graduated from this course, please do your part in paying it forward!  Please pass (forward) this to anyone who you think may benefit from this course and have them contact me if interested.

Mahalo and God bless you all as we pass together in this spiritual journey of life!  See attached for the Hawaii Shuyokai flier.

Rev. Owen & Taeko Nakao

Shuyokai2016_CS2_OL (PDF)

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