Jarrett Foundation Annual Dinner & Silent Auction 2016

Tenrikyo Pearl Church would like to ask for your support for the Jarrett Middle School Foundation in joining in their Jarrett Foundation Annual Dinner & Silent Auction.

Saturday, November 5, 2016
Japanese Cultural Center
Doors open at 5:30 pm

$600 Reserve Table
$60 Individual Seat

Please join us
as we celebrate our 2016 Circle of Honor Inductee!

Download the Flyer Invitation & send your donation via mail!

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Rain Harvesting Gutter to Barrel System with water pump

Here at Tenrikyo Pearl Church, Rev. Owen has always been very conservative and conscious of his use of our natural resources here in the Palolo Valley. And since the church has plants to water regularly and cars to wash, he decided to create a rainwater collection system so that we do not wastefully use the fresh drinking water and instead use the water that was collected from the rain.

This project was completed at least a few years ago, if not more. He has set up two systems, each on opposing corners of the church building, each with three 55gal barrels. With a total of 6 barrels, we are able to collect 330 gallons (1,254 liters) of rainwater. The rainwater has been used to water plants, wash cars, used in the initial wash cycle for dirty laundry, and any water use that does not need to be drinkable.

Also, in case of emergency, the water can be purified to be drinkable.

Bazaar Mahalo!

Thank you very much everyone! The 46th Annual Bazaar was successfully held with most of the items being sold out near the bazaar end-time of 2pm. Most important of all without any major negative incident or accident!

I heard many good comments about the bazaar. “This is a really great bazaar!” “I come every year, I really enjoy this bazaar!” And the people just kept coming in a steady stream. If people keep coming it tells you something. Everyone is smiling, enjoying the food, picnicking under a shady tree, and having a good time with great food and entertainment!

This is a really special bazaar and I feel very privileged to be part of it. People try to figure out what is that makes the bazaar great by saying, “this bazaar is very organized!”

I believe that one reason is the location. We’ve been really blessed with a beautiful property with shady trees and a fresh breeze. The other of course is the people’s sincere hinokishin.

People like Helen Takata, 98 years old who took on the responsibility of selling the used books and shoes, several years ago. God bless her! Now with her daughters Judith and Christine helping, it’s become a popular item! She fell and hit her head on the concrete walkway on the Saturday before the bazaar. She went to the hospital bleeding with a big lump on her head. She comes back the next day to help at the bazaar! Of course we had her sit down! She says, “I love the bazaar, I love serving the people who come!”

I would like to thank Bishop and Mrs. Yamanaka for their support, their “hands on” hinokishin assistance and leadership. Thank you to the many members and friends who have made invaluable contributions in time, physical and emotional effort, material and financial contributions for the success of the bazaar!

Please have your respective church members and friends join us for the Bazaar Mahalo luncheon on Sunday September 18th at Mission HQ after the monthly service.

Evaluation meeting on Monday, September 26 at 9:45am (after Yohaishiki) and at 7pm. Please attend one or the other.


Owen Nakao

The 46th Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar (2016) is on August 28th!

Rev. Owen Nakao, the chair of the Bazaar committee, would like to ask you come support us at the:

8:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM


Address: 2236 Nuuanu Ave. Honolulu, HI
Across from Nuuanu Memorial Park

Parking also available at Kawananakoa Middle School on Funchal Street with free shuttle.

Please click this link for a PDF download for the flier:

Tenrikyo Bazaar 2016

Tenri Forum 2016 Registration has Opened

Aloha members and friends!

Under the theme “Pathways of Salvation,” the two day Tenri Forum seeks to explore the different ways ordinary people spread the “fragrance of the teachings,” and engage in activities that foster salvation work, share learning materials that allows us to convey the teachings in an effective manner, doing salvation work at work and open discussion on current issues.

The entire forum is conducted in English where Tenrikyo followers from mainly English-speaking countries around the globe, share their faith in a meaningful and fruitful dialogue.

Forum dates: Friday, July 15, through Saturday July 16, 2016 at Jiba. Attendees stay at 38th Moya.

Register here.

More information here.

So far 38 persons from the Hawaii congregation have put their names on the signup sheet at Hawaii Mission HQ, including Sharlene Fujisato, Lauren Nakagawa, Wesley Mikuni, Burt Iwata, Kyle Kikuchi, Michelle Inouye Kikuchi, Lewis, myself (a designated speaker), Rev. Colin Saito (speaker), Steve Nakao (speaker), Audrey Suga Nakagawa (speaker).


Rev. Owen Nakao

Open the Door to a New Life!

Aloha members and friends!

Thousands of individual lives have been inspired and transformed by attending the 3-month Spiritual Development Course (Shuyoka) in Jiba.  But taking 3 months off from work and/or school is difficult for most people. Therefore a shorter condensed version is offered locally in Hawaii and Los Angeles, called “Shuyokai,” referred to as One-month Spiritual Development Course.

Attendees stay at Mission HQ for four weeks, wake up early every morning and start the day with sanctuary and facility cleaning, morning service, attend classes on the Tenrikyo teachings, participate in the group discussions, practice the service, and engage in Hinokishin activities.  All of this is designed to cleanse your mind of unnecessary thoughts and tendencies, deepen your faith and understanding of the teachings, thereby enabling you to find your path to the Joyous Life.

Course Dates: Sunday, June 19th – Thursday, July 14th.
Location: Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii
2920 Pali Hwy.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Graduates of this course have experienced a spiritual cleansing, physical healing, self-realization and a higher level of awareness in their life.

If you have graduated from this course, please do your part in paying it forward!  Please pass (forward) this to anyone who you think may benefit from this course and have them contact me if interested.

Mahalo and God bless you all as we pass together in this spiritual journey of life!  See attached for the Hawaii Shuyokai flier.

Rev. Owen & Taeko Nakao

Shuyokai2016_CS2_OL (PDF)

Reflection of the Divine Model following Oyasama’s Birthday Celebration (May 2016 Sermon)

Good morning.  I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to attend the May Monthly Service here at Pearl Church and thank you for your kind and sincere offerings.  I am sure God the Parent and Oyasama is really happy to see you all here today and to have performed the service with joy and in high spirits!  Today we celebrate Mother’s Day and I would like to wish all mothers, especially Oyasama, a Happy Mother’s Day.  Oyasama, as most of you may know, has the soul of the first mother of all humankind.

God the Parent Tenri O no Mikoto was revealed through a rice farmer’s wife, Miki Nakayama, who we refer to as Oyasama (or beloved Parent), as shrine on October 26, 1838.

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All-Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day @Honolulu Zoo 2016

On April 30, 2016, the Tenrikyo congregation of Hawaii in Honolulu took part in the All-Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day activity at the Honolulu Zoo. A total of 10 members and 6 invited friends from Pearl Church participated in this activity. The grand total was probably around 80 people including volunteers in the Leilehua band and Punahou school.

For a 2-hour period, participants raked and cleaned the huge public zoo campus assisting them in keeping the area clean and enjoyable for the zoo goers.

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