1. Seven kids and seven adults from Pearl Church helped out at the Hawaii BGA Spring Camp and General Meeting last weekend from March 21-23. A total of 50 kids and 20 adult leaders participated.

    1Marika Higa, 2Isa Lucky, 3Pippen Muty, 4Bino Komusin, 5Changlai Betiru, 6Sato Betiru, 7Taketo Ikehara (15yo home stay student). 1Pastor Owen, 2Taeko, 3Grace, 4Lucas, 5Chance Chong, 6Robert Miranda, 7Yoshinobu.

  2. Seven participants and two volunteers (Pastor and Taeko) attended the Successors of the Path Seminar held today at Mission HQ of Hawaii: 1Moses, 2Chieko, 3Annabella, 4Vasana Amos, 5Lucas, 6Stacy, 7Chance Chong. A total of 103 people attended the seminar in which 60 people were expected.
  3. Eight of us attended the Jarrett Middle School dinner fundraiser tonight:

    Pastor Owen, Kachiori Betiru, Sioninta Ichokwan, Taeko
    Chance Chong, Taketo Ikehara, Toshi Milner & Annabella.

    Kachiori & Sioninta (husband and wife: spouses do not change their names at marriage in Micronesia) said it was the first time they got to attend such an event. They really seemed to have enjoyed it! They are parents of 4 of the kids who been attending our BGA events from Pearl Church.

    Due to everyone’s support I was able to give the invocation for the second year in a row.

  4. Whew! What a week! But wait! We still have Spring Memorial Service tomorrow at 8am!

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