Rain Harvesting Gutter to Barrel System with water pump

Here at Tenrikyo Pearl Church, Rev. Owen has always been very conservative and conscious of his use of our natural resources here in the Palolo Valley. And since the church has plants to water regularly and cars to wash, he decided to create a rainwater collection system so that we do not wastefully use the fresh drinking water and instead use the water that was collected from the rain.

This project was completed at least a few years ago, if not more. He has set up two systems, each on opposing corners of the church building, each with three 55gal barrels. With a total of 6 barrels, we are able to collect 330 gallons (1,254 liters) of rainwater. The rainwater has been used to water plants, wash cars, used in the initial wash cycle for dirty laundry, and any water use that does not need to be drinkable.

Also, in case of emergency, the water can be purified to be drinkable.

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