Report from Jiba (July 22, 2009)

Stacey attended her 3rd Besseki Lecture (see photo) yesterday and seems to be enjoying her stay here at Tengen.

I did a revision in romaji (Romanized Japanese) to my UTAGAU KOKORO TO SHINJIN NO KOKORO (The Doubting Mind and the Mind that Believes) sermon and made it more focused.  I think most people liked it.  My aunt Makiko (former Tengen head ministers wife) gave me a little applause at the end of my sermon, so for sure, she liked it.  Some other people said that it was a good sermon.

Lucas had TLI hinokishin so he couldn't come, but of course, Grace and Marika Higa and Stacey Yim attended.  Also Tamiko Kitada came.  I asked Tamiko to come when she called Hawaii a couple weeks ago and she remembered to come.

At the end of Tengen Kaicho's announcements, he presented me with a certificate and announced to everyone that I was appointed Tengen “Yakuin” (board member)!  Everyone gave me an applause and I bowed to everyone saying thank you very much and yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Thanks everyone's support I've reached a level of acceptance and recognition as a vital member of Tengen Church.

Tomorrow we'll be moving to the 38th Moya (Church HQ dormitory) to participate in the Children's Pilgrimage activities.  Marika will be in Shohi (BGA Hinokishin Corps) and Lewis will be serving as counselor.  Grace, Stacey and Elmer (joining us on the 25th) will be assisting as adult volunteers.

Pastor Owen

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