Sazuke Count

Dear Members and Friends,
Our Sazuke count for January (20) and February (39) was well below the pace we need to maintain to achieve our goal of 750 Sazuke for 2010.  We need to average 62.5 per month to reach our goal.  Fortunately for March our count is 86 so we can catchup.  If you have administered the Sazuke in March, please email me.

Someone asked me once, why do we need a goal?

A goal helps us to focus and refocus our energies on what is important in our faith and to act with a unity of mind.  Those of us who have received the Truth of Sazuke are called yoboku which is literally translated as “useful timber”.  This in turn means, one who uses the Sazuke.  To administer the Sazuke of healing, I believe is a fundamental way to salvation, which is the joyous life and the joyous life world.  The Sazuke cannot be administered to yourself, it can only be administer to another person.  When we administer the Sazuke and sing “Ashiki harai…,” our hands make a sweeping (away) motion which means to get rid of our ills (our bad things) such as our self-centered thinking.  It turns our attention away from our self and redirects it toward trying to help (or asking God to help/save) the other person! This is the KEY!  If you can understand this and act on it, you've come a long way on your spiritual growth!

Rev. Owen Nakao

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