September Monthly Service

I would like to thank you all for your help and support for the Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar held on August 24th. Due to God’s blessing and Oyasama’s guidance 24 people connected with Pearl Church came to help at the bazaar making ohagi, bubble drinks, helping with parking, driving the shuttle van, provide entertainment and help with the clean up. Awesome!

I was doing door to door nioigake today and an elderly man said, “yes, it’s when we are sick or injured that we realize how thankful we should be for our health. When we are well, we take things for granted and complain.”

That’s why we have church! Take the time to give your thanks not only for your health, but for all your blessings… this Sunday, September 14, 2008, 10am at Tenrikyo Pearl Church, 1634 10th Avenue. Why go to church to do this? Because to do it at home or in your head is a faith of convenience and not really true faith. True faith is when you make a conscious and sincere effort to connect with God. Walk the walk and bring yourself physically to a place of worship and join with others to perform the service with a unity of mind.

Pastor Owen

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