Annual BGA Spring Camp and Pearl Church Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale 2017

The annual BGA Spring Camp is coming up this weekend on Friday – Sunday, March 24-26. Please help out whenever you can.

Our next Mini-bazaar and Rummage Sale is on the following weekend on Sunday, April 2nd from 8am-12noon. We will be needing help on Friday: setup canopies, signage, tables and merchandise, Saturday: Sorting and Pricing; Sunday: 7am help make spam musubi and cone sushi, 8am: cashiering (food and merchandise); help cashier add up purchases, bag or box items, sales (talk to the people, ask them how they heard about the rummage sale, spread aloha and goodwill, answering questions, help people make their purchase); help people carry their purchases to their car, etc.

Homemade food for sale at Mini-Bazaar 2015

Please print out flier, pass out to friends.

TPC MB-Rummage Sale Flyer 20170402

Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale 2015

Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale 2015 photo

I would like to thank everyone for your support, donations and coming out to help at the Pearl Church Mini bazaar & Rummage Sale held today. Proceeds will help the financially challenged with the Jiba Pilgrimage this year and next year.

Rev. Owen Nakao

Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale on Sunday, March 1st

Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale Flier 2015Mini Bazaar & Rummage Sale on Sunday March 1, 2015 from 8am-12noon! Used clothes, quality furniture, and tons of STUFF! Musubi, cone sushi, baked goods, and home-baked bread too! Preview photos to come!

Please bring your donation items by Friday, Feb 27 and help with the setup and pricing on Saturday, Feb. 28 from 9am to 4pm.  Come when you can.

Garage Sale 2014

Garage Sale Flyer 2014


Announcing the Tenrikyo Pearl Church Garage Sale 2014!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

8:00 AM – 12:00 noon

1634 10th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816 (map)

Preorder Spam musubi & cone sushi: 734-1449

Donors: Please bring your items to Tenrikyo Pearl Church by Saturday June 28, 2014 by 12noon.  Receipts for tax deductions available upon request.

Buyers:  On sale will be: used clothing, baby things, toys, sushi, baked goods, bread, used golf balls, and lots more!  Sorry no early bird sales.

Garage Sale Success!

Taeko and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported today’s garage sale.  Net proceeds amounted to $985 with an anonymous donor adding $15 to make it $1,000.  As in any “major” endeavor, it is the combined efforts of everyone involved that has made this year’s garage sale a success.  This is the most ever, with our garage sales netting about 658 last year and 823 two years ago.

This year we’ve also experienced non members (of Pearl Church) donating their used items and then shop for other items at our garage sale.  Including someone who donated funds for the stone pavement project a few months ago just because she used to live in this area and saw our website.  A realtor who is representing the owner who is selling the property in the back of Pearl Church donated some items.  Rev. & Mrs. Colin Saito of Honolulu Church who also donated items and came to shop at our garage sale.  Many thanks and Aloha to all of you!

Rev. Owen Nakao

Monthly Service Reminder and Garage Sale

We would like to welcome Lucas Nakao back from Los Angeles after spending one year at the American MHQ Missionary House.  He will be sharing some of his experiences in the sermon given after the monthly service.  Please join us for the…

September Monthly Service
Sunday, Sep. 8, 2013, 10am

Also, we will be conducting this year’s Garage Sale on

Sunday, September 22 from 8am-12noon

Please bring your unwanted (sellable) items to Pearl Churchthis Sunday or at your convenience by Saturday, September 21.  Also we could use your help on Saturday for garage sale prep and helping during the garage sale and after clean up.

50% of Garage sale proceeds will be donated to Mission HQ for their completed re-roofing project, while the other 50% will be used for Pearl Church Construction/Jiba Pilgrimage fund.


Rev. Owen Nakao

Pearl Church Garage Sale!

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped at the Pearl Church garage sale today (August 5)!

We grossed $655.15! I expect the net to be about the same due to most items and supplies were donated. This amount is about $100 less that last year, but more than I expected considering our pr efforts was somewhat less that last year.

New items this year were sweet potato manju (made by Taeko Nakao), mango bread (mango from Roy Yamada and baking by Chieko Nakao) and kim chee (donated by Robert Nam). Thank you to you all who donated time, material, food, ingredients, funds, garage sale items and sincere effort.

$300 will be donated for the re-roofing at Mission HQ while the balance will be used to help members with Jiba Pilgrimage airfare.

Thank you to you all!

Rev. Owen Nakao

Pearl Church Garage Sale

Dear friends,

Just a friendly reminder that our church garage/rummage sale will be this Sunday, August 5, at 8-12noon. See attached.  If you or your friends have anything to donate, please bring them by Saturday morning.  If you can, please come to help setup and price label items and of course your hinokishin will be appreciated on Sunday as well!  Thank you very much to those who have already donated items!


Rev. Owen Nakao

TPC Garage Sale Flyer 201208