Thank you to all of you for your support!

On October 14th, 2006 Saturday, Pearl Church participated for the second time the 3rd Annual Kaimuki Community Cleanup where three of us picked up tire, car batteries and scrap metal and took them down to Kaimuki High School where volunteers helped to unload them and put them in separate bins.

Next, our live-in Russell Barre and Pastor Owen returned to Jiba October 21-27, for the Autumn Pilgrimage, where Russell made the Besseki Pledge and attended three Besseki Lectures. They also attended the Tengen Autumn Grand Service on October 23, the Church Headquarters Autumn Grand Service on October 26, helped at the Young Menӳ Association Convention Eve Food Bazaar, Tacos food booth with YMA members from Hawaii, North America and Brazil and attended the YMA Convention on the following day. He said that he had the best time of his life!

On October 31, we held our annual trick or treat for UNICEF fund drive from Pearl Church with the Dendocho staff and Tad Iwata and family.
Our monthly service will be held this Sunday, promptly at 10am.

Come and hear Russellӳ impressions of his 1st Jiba Pilgrimage!

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