Change Your Destiny by Changing Your Thinking

Thank you all for joining your hearts and minds in performing the October Grand Service here at Tenrikyo Pearl Church. I believe that when we perform the Service spiritedly and in unity, as we have today, God the Parent and Oyasama are truly satisfied with our efforts.

November 2011 Sermon


Change Your Destiny by Changing Your Thinking

I was very fortunate to be able to return to Jiba to attend the Autumn Grand Service. When I was walking to Jiba, I was surprised to see a beautiful red leaf on the street and I looked up to see that the leaf was falling from a cherry blossom tree. I just realized that it was autumn and it was only natural that the leaves were turning colorful. I realized that it’s been 30 years since I came to Japan in autumn. I have been returning to Jiba, but this is the first time for me to attend the Autumn Grand Service.

God the Parent was revealed through the mouth of Miki Nakayama to teach the truth about the creation of human beings and this universe. God wants human beings to live the joyous life and that is why God was revealed through the mouth of Miki Nakayama. However, good things don’t always happen in our life.

Illness and problems occur unexpectedly to people and many people lose the meaning of life.

Mr. A, who is over 80 years old lived by himself and was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in stage 4. He cannot even go to the bathroom by himself. He asked his Tenrikyo minister to pray that he could die as soon as possible because the pain that he is experiencing.

There are many people in Japan who terminate their life, because of their unbearable circumstances. There are more than 30,000 people a year in Japan who take their own life. This comes to about 82 persons per day. This is a big social problem.

In Japan when you go to the big city like Tokyo, I heard that, at least once a day there is a suicide in which the person throws him/herself on the track in front of a rushing train.

This causes the train schedule to be delayed.

What is God’s intention in our pain and suffering? Why do we have to live in trying and stressful situations? All our physical and mental problems are due to God’s love to see us live a joyous life. We are all God’s children. It’s because of God’s deep love for us, God wants us to realize and find joy, to become a person who can find joy in such painful circumstances. We shouldn’t take things for granted and find the joy and gratitude in the small things.

What is the joyous life? It is to find or discover happiness and joy in painful or stressful situations. That is what the joyous life is about. Happiness does not come to you, but rather you go and find it.

There are people who are enduring pain and suffering due to their misfortune or illness. Some people cannot pass food through their mouth and have to take their nutrition through a feeding tube, or they are totally bedridden. Those people sometimes want to pass on. They feel that there is no hope and want to die. But this is also, God’s love for us. God’s intention is to understand that we are kept alive and that we have an obligation or debt of gratitude. So how do we repay our debt of gratitude? That of course is to help others. Those who are bedridden can pray for other people… such as survivors of disasters. This how our soul can accumulate virtue or build our character.

This is what God wants us to do and extend our life day by day.

On the other hand, those who complain or those who speak ill about God, may eventually return their body prematurely. God feels pity for those people and tries to extend their life as much as possible so that they will come to realize their mistaken thinking. This is God’s parental love.

Due to the Tenrikyo minister’s salvation work, Mr. A. changed his thinking and committed himself to being grateful for his life and transformed his mind to one of wanting to save others. He was a bedridden terminally ill cancer patient. Although he could read the Tenrikyo book by himself, he asked the nurse to read to him. The nurse, who was not Tenrikyo, was also grateful to have learned the teachings of this faith. So in effect he also did nioigake to the nurse.

Mr. A received chemotherapy treatment with a catheter, going directly to the liver. His liver has mostly returned to normal. He is now able to pick up rubbish for hinokishin using a walker.

In the Ofudesaki we read:

The reason Tsukihi began human beings
was the desire to see you lead a joyous life. XIV: 25

From now on, firmly replace the mind
and become the mind of joyousness. XIV: 24

You can change your destiny, by changing your thinking.

Thank you for your attention.


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  2. Due to your support Taeko was able to attend the October Grand Service at church HQ on October 26.
  3. I would like to thank everyone for your support of the Trick or Treat for UNICEF fund drive by passing out and returning the orange collection boxes.
  4. We will be purchasing electricity at a discount from a company who will install their solar panels at no cost to us. After the 12 year contract expires, we will have the option to purchase the panels or have them removed. Installation is scheduled for sometime in January next year.
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天理教パール教会2011年11月 月次祭神殿講話

「心が変われば 運命も変わる





教祖中山みき様を神の社としてこの世の表に現れた。親神様は人間を造り、その陽気ぐらしをするのを見て、ともに楽しもうと思いつかれた」と、教典にあります。 とはいえ、毎日うれしい、うれしいと喜べることばかりではありません。


Aさんは80歳を過ぎた一人暮らしの方です。末期の肝臓がんと診断され, トイレにも一人で行けなくなりました。「一日も早く神様にお引き取りいただくようにお願いしてもらいたい」とある天理教の先生に話されます。





どんな身上も事情もみんな神様が陽気ぐらしをさせたい上からお見せ下さる。神様にとっては子供である私達が可愛いそれ故に、どんなつらい、苦しい中も喜びを見つける心になれる人になってもらいたい、という思惑であると思うので 小さな事でも、いままで当たり前と思っていた事一つ一つにも感謝の心で通らせて頂く。



私達の廻りには病気の痛みに耐えて生きている人、口から食事ものどを通らず、流動食を直接 胃に送って命をつないでいる人、寝たきりになってしまった人等、生きているのがつらくて、1日も早く出直したいという気持ちにもなるでしょう。しかし、これも親神様の親心だと思うのです。










「早く神様に引き取ってもらいたい」「早くお迎えにきてほしいと」と喜べないでいる人がいます。そういう人はいつまでも置いて頂くことになるし、又 「今日も一日ありがとう、ありがとう」と手を合わせて感謝される方は苦しむこともなくあざやかに出直されていく、という場を何度か経験されたと話していました。

おふでさき(第14号25)  月日にわにんけんはじめかけたのわ
(第14号24)  これからハ心しいかりいれかえて

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