2nd Annual Jarrett Pride Day 2017

A total of 7 members of Pearl Church helped run the Tenrikyo Pearl Church Bubble Drink booth which also featured a spur-of-the-moment Andagi sale as well at this year’s annual Jarrett Pride Day.

The event was a success given that we sold out on both bubble drinks and andagi, and the performances by the Jarrett Middle School Band, Ewa Makai Middle School Band, talent show participants, and ukulele clubs from other schools. There were also other games with prizes, a dunking booth, baked goods, food sales from local businesses, and Cultural booths.

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Rain Harvesting Gutter to Barrel System with water pump

Here at Tenrikyo Pearl Church, Rev. Owen has always been very conservative and conscious of his use of our natural resources here in the Palolo Valley. And since the church has plants to water regularly and cars to wash, he decided to create a rainwater collection system so that we do not wastefully use the fresh drinking water and instead use the water that was collected from the rain.

This project was completed at least a few years ago, if not more. He has set up two systems, each on opposing corners of the church building, each with three 55gal barrels. With a total of 6 barrels, we are able to collect 330 gallons (1,254 liters) of rainwater. The rainwater has been used to water plants, wash cars, used in the initial wash cycle for dirty laundry, and any water use that does not need to be drinkable.

Also, in case of emergency, the water can be purified to be drinkable.

All-Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day @Honolulu Zoo 2016

On April 30, 2016, the Tenrikyo congregation of Hawaii in Honolulu took part in the All-Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day activity at the Honolulu Zoo. A total of 10 members and 6 invited friends from Pearl Church participated in this activity. The grand total was probably around 80 people including volunteers in the Leilehua band and Punahou school.

For a 2-hour period, participants raked and cleaned the huge public zoo campus assisting them in keeping the area clean and enjoyable for the zoo goers.

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Jarrett Pride Day 2015

Sushi and Bubble Drink booth at Jarrett Pride Day

Hi members and friends,

Blessed with sunny weather and your support we were able to successfully conduct our first and hopefully annual Jarrett Pride Day. To have other faces represent our church was gratifying and shows how Pearl Church members are supporting the school. I think it was also good for you to see how we are making a difference in the community by supporting the Foundation. The atmosphere was so uplifting and positive. You can see the spirit in the kids, their parents, the teachers, the school support staff, the people in the foundation and the people in the community. I’m sure you were encouraged to see how the different organizations in the community and groups within the school all came together in support of Jarrett Pride Day. The teachers also got involved, helping at the games booths, helping with the bake sale, having the band and ukulele club perform and getting dunked a the dunking booth so many times including the Principal Dr. Kuba!

Jarrett Foundation booth at Jarrett Pride Day

We hope to do this every year! The kids (and everyone) can see how caring and nurturing this community is. When they get older they will remember and know how important this event is. They will come back as supporters or start their own pride day in the communities they live.

Thank you for helping at the Sushi, Bubble drink and the Foundation Booth!

Rev. Owen & Taeko Nakao

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