Hawaii One-month Spiritual Development Course

Just a reminder that the deadline to apply for the Hawaii One-month Spiritual Development Course is this Sunday.  If you are still thinking about entering the course, please let me know.  It will help you to lay the foundation of your faith.

On one of my nioigake, the person seemed to have a lot of issues with himself and with life.  He asked me what is faith?  Faith is nothing! Does it bring dinner to the table?

I said yes it does!  Faith does bring dinner to the table.  He asked, “How?”  Think about the person working hard at his job… things may not being going to well with him, perhaps he broke up with his girlfriend, maybe his boss got on his case even though he was trying his best and now he feels like quitting. But you know what, faith will help him.  Faith will tell him not to give up… to keep working hard no matter what because in the end God will help him go through his tough times with meaning and resolve.  If he quits his job, he cannot bring dinner to the table.  His faith will help him keep his job or look for another job and bring dinner to the table. He had to think about that for awhile.

Resolve?  There's nothing like a person on a mission.  You can see it in their eyes and the way they act.  Nothing's going stop them.  I think this is when human beings are at their best.  How can we attain this state of mind.  First we must find out where we came from, how we came to be.  For what purpose were we created?  How should we live our life?

These and many other treasures await you on your spiritual journey.  The Spiritual Development Course will lay the foundation for your spiritual journey…

Rev. Owen

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