January Grand Service

Congratulations to Robert Miranda who recently installed a home shrine in his apartment on December 28.  See photo at our home page.  Copy and paste link below to your web browser.  For those of you who are considering to have a shrine installed please read below.

January is the Grand Service month and this year we are commemorating Oyasama's 123rd Anniversary since she withdrew from physical life.  Please join us in joy and gratitude on this January Grand Service.  Our sermon will focus on the time of Her withdrawal.

The Purpose of Having a Home Shrine

     We are prone to forget the truth of “a thing lent, a thing borrowed” even if we think we have understood it and feel as if we are living each day with gratitude for it.  Having the kanzane enshrined at our home can help counter this tendency by reminding us to express our gratitude to God every morning and evening. When we sit before God, our minds will become calm and spirited.  It is a good practice to sit before God whenever the opportunity arises – whether it be a difficult or a happy time. Such moments help us reflect on ourselves and purify our minds.

     The joy of faith, or the seed of the Joyous Life, is naturally passed on to our family and the people who visit our home if we live with God in the center of our lives while maintaining joy and gratitude in our minds at all times.

     By making daily offerings of food and drink, performing the daily and monthly services in gratitude for our blessings, we can strengthen our faith and our connection with God enabling us to walk on the path of spiritual maturity and the Joyous Life.

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