Japan Earquake and Tsunami – Apr 2011 Sermon

Once again a major natural disaster strikes near home and many of us are left wondering if there is a meaning to all this. And it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the world, our country and our individual situations. Many loved ones were lost for the survivors and it’s sad and devastating for them. Our hearts and prayers go out to them. At the same time it reminds us to be grateful for those close to us and not to take them for granted.

In the Ofudesaki scripture we read:

In this world, landslides, thunder, earthquakes,
And great winds are all from the anger of Tsukihi. VI: 91


What are you thinking on hearing this talk?
Flames of heaven, rains of fire, and tidal waves in the seas… VI: 116

Such is the great anxiety in the mind of Tsukihi.
What is the whole world thinking? VI: 117

Though I appeal to you in sorrow over and over,
I shall save you if you become of a sincere mind. VI: 118

Whoever you are, you are all My children.
Awaken to the anxiety in the mind of Tsukihi! VI: 119

Everything in this universe is all by Tsukihi.
All human bodies are things lent by Tsukihi. VI: 120

If only My mind is truly understood,
there will be nothing fearful or dangerous. VI: 122

From this we can understand that the earthquake and tsunami is due to God’s deep regret and anger. Some might say, “Ah, but anger is a mental dust, how can God have anger?” God’s anger is not the same anger as that which is mentioned in the eight mental dusts. The anger mentioned in the eight mental dusts comes from selfish thinking. The anger from God comes from deep parental love. It is that love which urgently wishes to see us on the path to the joyous life.

I believe that the earthquake and tsunami is a warning. A warning from God to reflect deeply on the way we lead our lives. We are too hurried and too busy with our own agendas. We are rushing here, rushing there. There are lots of cracks and undulating things in our lives, that is, we have problems in our relationships with other people. A disaster like this is a word from God to think about those cracks and smooth them out. We are filling our lives with so much that there is little place for God. In moments of grave crisis, we remember God and we should also think how to put God back in the primary position in our lives.

The last Ofudesaki says “If only My mind is truly understood, there will be nothing fearful dangerous.” To truly know the mind of God means that we must practice the teachings. Then we will truly know and understand the mind of God and be free of fear and danger.

Thank you for your attention.


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