November Monthly Sermon & Prayer

Thank you to you all for your sincere offerings and support on the occasion of Tenrikyo Pearl Churchӳ November Monthly Service. We were blessed with about 20 in attendance. This monthӳ sermon is of special interest to those who want to know what spiritual maturity is about.

Also the website is updated with photoӳ of the Autumn Pilgrimage by Pastor Owen and Russell Barre, Kaimuki Community Clean up Day in Palolo, and Trick or Treat for UNICEF.

New Photos!

We had a unannounced goal of 25 people to return to Jiba during this year of Oyasamaӳ 120th Anniversary at the beginning of the year when we had only 10 signed up to go. But thanks to everyoneӳ sincere efforts we have surpassed the goal with 32 people who have returned to Jiba and two more planning to return in November. We would like to extend our goal to 40 so if anybody wants to go, please let us know! It is one of the steps toward spiritual maturity!

November Monthly SermonNovember Monthly Prayer

Pastor Owen

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