Pearl Church Garage Sale

Taeko and I would like to thank you all for your item donations and hinokishin for our garage sale fundraiser today.  The last garage sale was held on September 1, 2007 and we grossed about $167.  This year with more volunteers and more people donating more items (even to the point of asking friends to donate items), we were blessed with about $800 in gross receipts!  I was especially proud and encouraged to see everyone working together as one family!  Robert Nam's mom came at the end and saw everyone working so hard putting things away and cleaning up.  She said, “You have good people!”

The fundraiser is to support Pearl Church members and friends who unable to pay the full registration fee for the upcoming Hawaii Convention on May 28 through 30.  Also we have just received a letter from Bishop Hamada requesting donations in support of the convention itself as the registration fees are not sufficient to cover the convention costs.  Unless there is strong opposition, we would like to contribute 50% of the proceeds (after expenses) to this cause.

Thank you very everyone for your support and sincere contributions to the garage sale!

Mahalo nui loa!
Rev. Owen

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