Spring Grand Service

Thatӳ right! The SPRING GRAND SERVICE is coming up so we all need to make that special EXTRA effort to attendŠregardless of when the super bowl is showing on TV or not. Whew! ArenӴ I glad itӳ not on this SundayŠBut anywayŠwe will be commemorating the 121st Anniversary since Oyasama withdrew from physical life to hasten our spiritual growth.

Speaking of spiritual growth, how we all doing these days? Making and keeping our spiritual New Yearӳ resolutions would be a step in the right direction…

Some suggestions:

  • return to Jiba this year.
  • Attend Besseki lecture
  • Get your truth of Sazuke
  • Administer the Sazuke
  • Install Godӳ shrine in your home
  • Attend monthly service without fail.
  • Perform the morning and evening services.
  • Make a penny offering everyday as a token of appreciation for your daily health and blessings.

Always say a comforting phrase to a friend. Ԉow you doing?Ԡ ԁnything I can do to help?ԍ

WeӲe all here for a reason. Make it a good reason…

Pastor Owen

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