All Tenrikyo Nioigake Day

The bazaar gave us an opportunity to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings to people who were somehow attracted to the bazaar.  Door to door nioigake give us an opportunity to reach out to people in the community who probably did not go to the bazaar or for some reason were not able to.  It takes faith, courage and perseverance to go door to door.  For that reason, I believe it is the most effective means to express our sincerity and therefore sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings to the people and also to receive the blessings of God.  Please join us this Monday (Labor Day) 9am at Moiliili Stadium Park!  We have an optional park cleaning hinokishin if door to door nioigake is difficult for you.

Rev. Owen



(Sprinkle the Fragrance

of the Teachings)


Monday, September 6, 2010

9:00-11:30 A.M.

Meet at Moiliili Stadium Park


Choice of doing:

1. door to door nioigake in the Moiliili neighborhood or

2.  park cleaning hinokishin at Moiliili Stadium Park!

Dress accordingly* and please do bring your friends and family!


In this 173rd year of Tenrikyo, please take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the “nioigake” activity for which you feel most comfortable: door to door or cleaning the park and spread the fragrance of the teachings!


Some yard equipment will be available but, bringing your own equipment such as rakes, brooms, gloves, and dust pans would be most helpful.  Trash bags will be provided. 


* Those doing parking cleaning hinokishin should wear the new brown or navy blue Hinokishin T-shirt passed out for this past bazaar.  Or if you don’t have one, wear the green “One world one family” T-shirt.  Those doing door to door nioigake should not wear the T-shirt but should dress appropriately.

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