April Service

Greed is fathomless like muddy water.
When you mind is completely purified,
Then comes paradise.

Mikagura-uta X: 4

We are continuing our series on the Eight Mental Dusts and I'm sure you can guess the seventh of the eight mental dusts. Yes, GREED! Well we all have greed to some degree. Some of it might have to do with survival from needy times, but it's when we already have enough and we want and try to obtain more and more like there is no end (that's where fathomless comes from: you can't see the bottom) that we accumulate the dust of greed. But instead of focusing only on the negative, we shall also talk about the opposite of greed. More on this in this month's sermon after the April Monthly Service here at your local (late breaking) Tenrikyo Pearl Church this Sunday 4/13 at 10am.

News photos

Rev. Robert Kokuryo (Granville Church in Vancouver, Canada), Rev. Hiroshi Fukaya (Church HQ Junior Staff) visited Pearl Church after the Successors Seminar along with Bishop Hamada April 30, 2008

Pastor Owen, Lucas, Chance Chong & Robert Miranda pose after the morning service on 4/2/08

Serving the community, Chance Chong and James Katsumoto worked hard to clean the sidewalk across from Palolo Chinese Home on April 2, 2008

The results of their hinokishinŠ Forgot to take a “before” photo. It was overgrown.

Taeko with Japanese tutor student “Philip,” from New York (Vasana's friend).

Chance, Taketo Ikehara (home stay student) & Lucas, cleanup after dinner. Taketo departed on April 4, 2008.

A surprise baby shower was held for Chieko at the Mission HQ on April 4, 2008.

Pastor Owen

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