August Monthly Service

Thank you to all of you for your diligent and sincere efforts to attend the monthly service and make ԭaterialԠofferings of gratitude.

Normally we think of ourselves as decent and good human beings and basically we are, but sometimes the dust of hatred creeps in without us being really conscious of it. If we are avoiding someone as in not attending an activity because we know that that person will be there, we may be harboring feelings of dislike towards that person. That is the basic nature of Ԥust.Ԡ If we are not diligent in our Գweeping,Ԡthe dust will pile up and ԣloudԠour thinking.

Fifth, Always performing the Kagura and Teodori (The Service),

In the future, I will work remarkable salvation.
Mikagura-uta, Song 6

Pastor Owen

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