December Monthly Service

Our last monthly service for Oyasamaӳ 120th Anniversary year is coming up. As the year will be coming to a close this month and we will be preparing for a new year I thought it would be appropriate to discuss departure for rebirth in this monthӳ sermon titled ԓcience Confirms Rebirth and Causality.Ԡ Please join us for worship, in joy and gratitude which will bring meaning and resolve to your life. And come for lunch too!

Also, please take the time to read page 8 of this monthӳ Origins which features, Auntie Ela, Դhe Costco LadyԠwho yelled out ԙee ha!Ԡwhile demonstrating food samples.

Tenrikyo Pearl Church
December Monthly Service
Sunday, December 10, 2006
10:00 a.m.
1634 10th Avenue

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