November Monthly Service Reminder

As we grow up we come to realize the importance of giving thanks or keeping the mind of gratitude. As toddlers, our parents instructed us to say thank you when things were given to us. Without really knowing the meaning, we obediently said “thank you.” Later we come to realize that we feel good when people thank us. Then later as we grow older and do things for others, we realize the expense and effort a person goes through in giving a gift or doing something for us. Then we feel grateful and really thank the person who has done something for us. Then as we grow “wiser” we realize that we are being blessed daily, by God's providence and that we need to give back by helping, not for ourselves or for others, but for the sake of God. This is hinokishin and in this sense, Thanksgiving is everyday in Tenrikyo.

On the other hand, if we do not feel grateful and take things for granted, then we need to reflect and sweep away our “mental dust” so that we can “see” the “truth”. What is the “Truth?” The truth is:

1. That God created us to live the Joyous Life.
2. That our body is not our own, it is a thing lent, a thing borrowed from God.
(and therefore we are kept alive by God's Grace (love))
3. Through our illness and our problems, God is guiding us through deep parental love.
4. and that through saving others, we shall also be saved!

We can intellectually know this “Truth”. But to truly “see” and receive this Truth, we need to become “one” with God and that is the reason for the Service!

See you all here!
This Sunday, November 14, 2010
Tenrikyo Pearl Church
1634 10th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816, USA
Ph: 808-734-1449

Healing Session and Lunch is served so let us know if you're coming!

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