Goals for this Year!

This past two years have been very rewarding for us at Pearl Church and we hope it's been the same for you.

     In 2007, two people have attended the 3-month Spiritual Development Course and attained the 15th and 16th yoboku of our establishment (which is the required number to establish a church nowadays), repaired the church roof, tent fumigation, and two of our children got married.

     In 2008, four persons took the Besseki pledge, 9 persons attended the Basic Course in Jiba and we averaged 25 persons attending our monthly service which is six more that last year.

     For 2009, we want to continue to bring people to Jiba to attend the Besseki Lectures, 3-month Spiritual Development Course, the basic course and for Pearl Church we want to complete the Service having full number of service performers.  This past grand service we were missing one person for the seated service, but for the first time, we had full number of performers for the first and second half hand dance!

     The Service of course is central to our faith: in gratitude for our blessing we perform the service and thereby receive blessings from God the Parent.  The world is plagued with war and conflict and our community has crime and violence. What can we do to bring peace and brotherhood among human beings?  It is through the Service for Universal Salvation.  It's difficult to do door to door nioigake, but we can bring people to the activities, bring friends and relatives to church services and we can perform in the service.  Through the service we will be saved!

     Through involvement in church activities, performing the service and returning to Jiba, we are bringing peace and brotherhood to this world and blessings tor our families!  In this new year, the 172nd Year of Tenrikyo, please take the step to become even more active in church!

Please see the January Grand Service Prayer and Sermon!

Rev. Owen Nakao

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