Hinokishin Day at the Honolulu Zoo 2013

Friends and family, especially the children look forward to the annual All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day to be held this Saturday, 9am at Honolulu Zoo.  Half of the Zoo parking is under repairs so there will be very limited parking.  Also its $1 per hour.  We suggest that you come to Pearl Church and catch our shuttle van or if the count warrants, we will charter a school bus.  Pearl Church will again provide lunch for our friends and members at 11:00am the zoo after Hinokishin.  We will have the bus pick us up at 12:30 for the return trip.

Please let me know by Wednesday morning whether you will be riding with us and/or joining us for lunch.

Take advantage of doing several things at once: plant the seeds of sincerity, contribute to the community by doing community service, spend quality time with family, spread the fragrance of the teachings (nioigake) to the people coming to the zoo and by inviting friends to join us, get some exercise, and enjoy the zoo free!

Rev. Owen.

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