July 2013 Monthly Service Reminder

Thank you to you all for your support in welcoming the Shinbashira on 6/14 and attending the New Bishop Installation Service on 6/15.

Recently an article in Time magazine was brought to my attention. The title on the front page read: How Service Can Save Us, which confirms the teaching “We are saved by saving others.” This in turn brings to mind what a late local minister said about how science and Tenrikyo is coming closer and closer together. May I be so bold as to say, I think its more like how science is gradually catching up to Tenrikyo because the teachings are eternal and they never change. We will discuss this article in our sermon for the July Monthly Service.

Please join us in joy and gratitude as we perform the service for universal salvation!

July Monthly Service
Sunday, July 14, 2013, 10am

Rev. Owen Nakao

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