Jarrett Pride Day and March Monthly Service 2017

Aloha followers and friends!

I would like to thank all who came to help and those who did Hinokishin behind the scenes for the 2nd Annual Jarrett Pride Day held on March 4th at Jarrett Middle School. The Pearl Church booth sold spam musubi, bubble drinks and also for the first time andagi. All items were sold out by about 1:30pm. Closing time was 2pm. Please see the Pearl Church and the Jarrett Middle School Foundation facebook for photos!

100% of net proceeds amounting to $372 was donated to Jarrett Middle School Foundation.

This Sunday, March 12th is monthly service day. Please join us in performing the service for universal salvation!

This month’s sermon will focus on the Honseki (main seat) Rev. Izo Iburi who bestowed the Grant of Sazuke and conveyed the Divine Directions after Oyasama withdrew from physical life. He was not Oyasama’s first follower. Why was he chosen to be Honseki and what kind of life did he live? We will answer these questions and more as we continue on our spiritual journey that will take us on the Path of the Joyous Life.

Rev. Owen & Taeko Nakao

January Grand Service 2015

Just one year left before Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary.  Let’s start this new year by making/keeping resolutions that will spur on our spiritual growth and bring joy to the ever-living Oyasama.  This is the seasonal time for planting seeds of sincerity.  If we miss the seasonal time, we will have missed “opportunity” to reap bountiful blessings.

Please join us in joy and gratitude…

January Grand Service
Sunday, January 11, 2015

We will see you! Aloha!
Rev. Owen and Taeko Nakao

Mahalo & Happy New Year!

Dear Members and friends,

As 2014 draws to a close, I reflect on the past years events and accomplishments and give thanks.  The Mission HQ activities, including MHQ 60th Anniversary, BGA camp and General Meeting, Children’s Pilgrimage, Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar, Pearl Church 80th Anniversary, etc.  I would like to thank all of you for your support, big or small, that helped make this possible.

Mahalo for your support and Happy New Year!

Rev. Owen and Taeko Nakao

Switching “On” the Good Genes – December 2014 Sermon

Pre-Service Talk

There are many people in the world, who are suffering from illness or other problem and I am sure there is someone in your life that is sick, physically or mentally challenged.  Please take today’s service to bring those people to your mind and pray for them.  In addition let us pray for TC who is presently at Straub Hospital for internal bleeding.  Also: LS, LA, JM, LK, CA (names obfuscated for privacy reasons).

Let us put hearts together in fervent prayer for those we know who are suffering from illness or personal problems and those survivors in the Philippines and that our disaster relief donations will reach the people as intended.

Post Service Sermon

Thank you all for joining your hearts and minds in performing the December Monthly Service here at Pearl Church.  I believe that when we perform the Service spiritedly and in unity, as we have today, God the Parent and Oyasama are truly satisfied with our efforts.  In this we are waking up the good genes that will bring about healing, good health and even good fortune. And thank you very much for joining us in prayer with unity of mind.

Switching “On” the Good Genes

In life, there is an abundance of possibilities and great potential depending on whether we make a slight adjustment to the way we use our mind.

Last month we had a great scientist, Dr. Kazuo Murakami who is an enthusiastic Tenrikyo follower.  We received a good lecture by Dr. Murakami about how good and bad genes can be switched on and off.  How can we switch on our good genes? And what happens when the good genes are turned “on.”

For instance, when we make other people happy or caring for other people, your body reacts by keeping healthy.  On the other hand, the cancer cells are very self-centered and egotistic.  Cancer cells are very aggressive and spread to other cells very quickly.  We want to turn “off” the genes in these cells.  We can do this by maintaining a correct lifestyle and positive attitude.

All living things in this world have the same genetic code. There is no such living thing that is living by its own power.  Everything is kept alive by God’s power.  Let us appreciate to God, for our life and this body that we are using. To turn the switch “on” the good genes, we must maintain a mind of gratitude.  This is the key word.  The key word is gratitude.  Moreover, Dr. Murakami said that the children in developed countries have an abundance of material wealth.  He said that when the children get whatever they want, their good genes are turned off.  In other words, it is my understanding that the children will lack in motivation, patience and perseverance.

Next year in April, this DVD movie called “Prayer,” will be released and anyone can go and purchase it.  For those who could not make it to Ala Moana Hotel viewing and attend Dr. Murakami’s lecture, I would like to show some excerpts from the movie and a testimonial by the movie director, Mr. Tetsu Shiratori.  Since we have both English and Japanese versions, we would like the Japanese-speaking attendees to go to the kitchen downstairs to observe it.

If you truly resolve your mind and pray to Me,
I shall grant you My free and unlimited workings at once.   VII: 43

If your mind is sincere, pray to Me quickly about any concerns.
I shall respond at once.             VII: 46

I shall not refuse any prayer,
for I am hastening solely to save you.         VII: 47

Then, in whatever you pray, your salvation will be assured.
Watch closely!                IX: 6

If all of you in the world pray with this thought sincerely held,
you shall receive any blessing, whatever it may be.     XII: 182

Thank you for your attention.


  1. For those of you able, please join us in the yearend cleaning, at Mission HQ on Friday, 12/26 beginning with Yohaishiki at 9am and at Pearl Church Saturday, December 27th from 9am.
  2. Also mochi pounding on Thursday, 12/30 from 7am.
  3. New Year’s Service at Pearl Church on New Year’s Day from 7am.
  4. Thank you for bringing your deposit cans and bottles for our fundraising drive.   Please continue bringing your deposit cans and bottles and any yard work referrals.

Jarrett Middle School Foundation Annual Dinner Foundation 2014

Jarrett_foundation_flier_2014Dear Members and Friends,

As part of our work in the Palolo Valley community, I serve on the Jarrett Middle School Foundation which raises awareness and funds to help the students (which are mostly from the Palolo Low Income apartments) of Jarrett attend school activities such as school excursions, 6th grade camp, purchase band instruments, uniforms for the cross country team, etc. Many teachers spend their own money to help the needy students, but they need to know that the community is behind them. It is absolutely vital that we support the teachers that are mentoring the young people in our valley. They serve as role models that help to reduce delinquency. If the community and teachers don’t care, the children become problems in our community later.

Just last week five teenage boys robbed the store next door (Number One Store) with two cases of beer. I felt helpless as I saw the store owner struggle with the boys and called the police. I yelled at the store owner to just let them go, which he did eventually. Getting hurt over two cases of beer was not worth it.

This incident reminds me that there is delinquency in the valley and that we need to work together to bring up the children in right way. They say “It takes a village to raise a child.”

This year we will be celebrating our 20th year and I’d like to call on our members and friends to support our cause by joining in the annual dinner fundraiser on Saturday, November 15. See attached. If you want to join our table, no need to submit the form, just let me know and make your check payable to Tenrikyo Pearl Church. We will reserve your seat and make the payment together with everyone for our table.

Owen Nakao

Jarrett Foundation Dinner 2014 Flier (pdf)

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Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great

"Inori: Prayer - Conversation with Something Great" and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami
“Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great” and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami

In this year of the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii 60th Anniversary, a free commemorative symposium will be held on

Saturday, November 22, 2016

9:00am to 11:30am

Ala Moana Hotel [Garden Lanai Meeting Room]

The symposium consists of a video movie titled “Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great” and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami.

Download Flier: Symposium_Murakami [PDF] (different from image)

Grand Service this Sunday!

Thank you all again for your hinokishin, offerings and spiritual support in commemoration of Pearl Church’s 80th Anniversary held on September 14, last month.  Mahalo!​

As a Shuyoka (Three-month Spiritual Development Course in Jiba) instructor in Jiba in 2004, ​one the students asked, “How can you even begin to understand God?! God is infinite! This universe is so vast! The earth turns on its axis every 24 hrs at a speed of x thousands of miles an hour, without making a SOUND! After the emphasis on the word, “sound,” there was total silence for a few seconds, as if it to make sure the earth wasn’t making any sound.

I replied, “Exactly!”  But we can get somewhat close to God’s intent and God’s heart.  Let’s look at the scripture and read:

To God, who began this world,
all of you in the world are equally My beloved children.                             IV: 62
Because of My love for all My children,
I exhaust My mind in every kind of way.                                                      IV: 63
I desire to teach everything to you children quickly.
Take notice of this hastening in the mind of God!                                        IV: 64
I wait impatiently for My children to awaken to the truth.
There is nothing else in the thoughts of God.                                                            IV: 65

You human beings must all love your children.
From this, please think of the regret of God.                                              XIII: 27

From these verses the student was able to calm down and move on with the class.

Further in Instruction Three we read:

Concerned about our future, God the Parent urges us through various knots, or challenging situations, to replace the mind.

       Whatever I do, it is solely from Tsukihi’s (God’s) single desire to save you.
                                                                                         Ofudesaki XII: 78

This verse teaches us that everything God does is motivated solely by the parental love that desires to save all human beings.

All misfortunes and difficulties are expressions of the parental love that desires us to cleanse our hearts. We should not only reflect critically on ourselves but also work proactively for the salvation of others by accepting that, through the challenging situations that have arisen; we are being urged to help others be saved.

From Instruction Three by the Shinbashira

Join us in joy and gratitude on the path of the Joyous Life.

October Grand Service this Sunday,
October 12, 2014, 10am
Tenrikyo Pearl Church
1634 10th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ph: 808-734-1449

Rev. Owen Nakao
for Peace and the Joyous Life World!

Garage Sale 2014

Garage Sale Flyer 2014


Announcing the Tenrikyo Pearl Church Garage Sale 2014!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

8:00 AM – 12:00 noon

1634 10th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816 (map)

Preorder Spam musubi & cone sushi: 734-1449

Donors: Please bring your items to Tenrikyo Pearl Church by Saturday June 28, 2014 by 12noon.  Receipts for tax deductions available upon request.

Buyers:  On sale will be: used clothing, baby things, toys, sushi, baked goods, bread, used golf balls, and lots more!  Sorry no early bird sales.

1989 Dodge Van Farewell


We want to once again thank Tomo Kaisho for his donation of a 2005 Savana 15-passenger van which just completed repairs, safety check and registration.

At the same time, we bid farewell and express our thanks to our 89 Dodge van which has served us faithfully for 7 years from 2007. I will be putting it up for sale on Craigslist, but before that I want to make it available to our church members or their friends who might be interested in purchasing it. See below for photos.

It’s has a little over 104,000 miles on it.

It’s a 15-passenger, but sits only 11 due to the back bench seat was removed and disposed of to make space to load equipment.

The bad

  • A/C front doesn’t work due to fan broken, should be an easy repair at repair shop.
  • Some rust, see photo
  • Roof leaks, but repairable
  • Dent on the back left rear side body, see photo.
  • Sliding door needs a little upward elbow grease to close.
  • Safety check expired 4/30/14. Windshield washer spray needs to be repaired to pass safety inspection.

The good

  • The engine runs well, smooth and strong.
  • The back a/c works
  • The registration was just renewed, expires in March 2015, $416 value
  • Spare tire, jack, tire iron included
  • Tires are in good shape.
  • Brake master cylinder was replaced a few years ago.
  • Battery is fairly new.

Asking $1000.

Rev. Owen Nakao, cell: 381-9612


All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day at Honolulu Zoo 2014

Aloha everyone!

Thank you to you all for your hinokishin and efforts for the Path!

Just a friendly reminder to participate in the zoo cleanup this

Saturday, 5/3 from 9am.

Meet at right (facing the entrance) side of front entrance at 8:45am. Hinokishin is at 9-11am. As we’re always short on equipment, please bring your own dust pans, rakes and brooms with your name labeled on them. Trash bags are provided. And if you have them, wear the One-world, one family T-shirt!

We will serving chili dog with rice lunch. Please join us after the Hinokishin at 11am and also enjoy the zoo!

If you would like to help with the food please let me know.

We need someone to bring one or more of the following:

  • rice (cooked),
  • boiled hotdogs,
  • hotdog buns,
  • condiments,
  • dessert.

Grace is bringing the chili. Thank you. We’re expecting 25-30.

Pearl church will provide, table, mat, water, paper goods, utensils.

Rev. Owen Nakao