June Monthly Sermon this Sunday

Our June Monthly Service will be conducted this coming Sunday, June 11 at 10am without fail. We encourage all of you to attend, if not physically, in spirit by performing the service at your home. God the Parent and Oyasama will accept your sincerity and bless you accordingly.

This monthӳ sermon will focus on the Truth of Origin and its importance in relation to this quote from the Shinbashiraӳ Instruction Two:

No matter how advanced our civilization may become, there will always be people suffering from illness or troubled by other things. Their minds will not be saved by the advances of our civilization. That is because they will remain unknowing of the origin and of the ultimate goal of human existence.

Now that I shall work salvation unknown until now,
it is necessary to make the origin known.
Ofudesaki IX: 29

As indicated by this verse, saving people through teaching the origin is the essence of salvation on this path.

By knowing and teaching the origin we will establish the basis for our salvation.


Reminder to those who are intending to submit an entry for the Tenrikyo Essay Contest: The deadline is June 30. Must be postmarked at the latest June 30, 2006.

Mail or deliver entry to:
Essay Contest
Tenrikyo Hawaii Dendocho
2920 Pali Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817

The Official Contest Essay Question

ӠToday, when rapid social changes are shaking peopleӳ sense of values and undermining the ties of the heart, it is all the more important for us to emulate the Divine Model of Oyasama without being swept along by the current of the times, so that we may take genuine steps along the path of unchanging sincerity and reflect that sincerity to society at large.Լbr/>
–Instruction Two

The question:
(1) Discuss your understanding or perception of the above quotation from the Instruction Two.
(2) How do you apply or practice this in your daily lifeءt school or at work, with your family or friends?

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