Pearl Church Garage Sale!

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped at the Pearl Church garage sale today (August 5)!

We grossed $655.15! I expect the net to be about the same due to most items and supplies were donated. This amount is about $100 less that last year, but more than I expected considering our pr efforts was somewhat less that last year.

New items this year were sweet potato manju (made by Taeko Nakao), mango bread (mango from Roy Yamada and baking by Chieko Nakao) and kim chee (donated by Robert Nam). Thank you to you all who donated time, material, food, ingredients, funds, garage sale items and sincere effort.

$300 will be donated for the re-roofing at Mission HQ while the balance will be used to help members with Jiba Pilgrimage airfare.

Thank you to you all!

Rev. Owen Nakao

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