The Way to Change Your Destiny


Good morning! I would like to thank you all for your kind support and sincere offerings. I am confident that God the Parent and Oyasama are pleased that you are present here today to participate in this September Monthly Service.

The Way to Change Your Destiny
In the Ofudesaki I:74, we read:

I bring you together according to the causality of your previous
lives and protect you. This settles the matter for all time.

To become husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parent and child, we normally may think that this is all by chance. But the people who are in the same family together are put together by God’s grace according to those who have the same causality from their previous lives. This is meant by this verse in the Ofudesaki: I:74. (Read again).

So what is causality? Causality is the path of our mind that we have laid for ourselves which is the law of cause and effect. Most people live happily as husband and wife, parent and child, brothers and sisters. However, there are those that do not get along with each other; they are like living in hell. Some are suffering in their lives, having problems with their spouse, with their children, with their parents or brother or sister. However, if you have faith in God, you can overcome those problems and live a joyous and peaceful life.

So, how can we overcome these problems and live in harmony with each other. We need to understand the intention of God in whatever happens and in the problems we are facing. Each of our causality is reflected in our parents’ life and whatever we plant in this life will sprout in our children’s lives.

It is said that whatever we see or whatever we hear is our causality. For example: The in the case of an abusive spouse, it is not the abusive spouse who is root of the problem, but it is due to our causality. Of course we need to take steps to protect ourselves. Also, that abusive spouse is planting seeds that will sprout later on.

In the Mikagura-uta which Oyasama taught us, it does not say anything about causality but it does mention about seeds that are sown we shall reap. Whatever happens and whatever we have to face is all due to what we have done in the past or past lives, which is the law of nature or principle of heaven which is a translation of Tenri. This sown seed, we shall reap.

We can see other people’s faces but we cannot see our own face unless we have a mirror. So if people are causing problems for us, we wonder why this person is causing us trouble or why this is happening or why we have to suffer this kind of problem. This is because in the teaching whatever we see or whatever we hear is our causality means that we need to realize that this is what we have done to others in the past and that we are reaping the seeds that we planted. It is not the other person who is wrong, but it is because of the seeds that we have planted. There is no result without any cause. So we need to be aware and realize what our causality is.

However, this self-realization is difficult to attain. We tend to think that the other person is wrong and not I, and bear a grudge, complain about our parents and hate a problem person. It is difficult to reflect upon ourselves and accept bad things that happen to us. Generally we can easily see the bad points in other people but difficult to see our own shortcomings. So when we suffer because of the child, it is because of the seeds we have sown ourselves as children to our parents. When we have problems with our spouse or brothers and sisters, it is because of seeds we have sown in the past lives and because of this we have to face this same sort of problems in this life.

So we should accept obediently, whatever incidents we face in life and reflect on our self and our causality and change our destiny to a brighter path.

In the Anecdotes of Oyasama Story #96 ‘Those Who Have an Innen (Causality),’ we read:

Oyasama spoke these words to Tamezo Yamazawa in 1881 or 1882: ‘God brings people of an innen and protects them. God says ‘Among the people brought here together, those whose hearts ring in harmony are to be united and live in this Residence.” And in story #172 ‘Repentence for a Previous Life,’ we read:

There once lived a daughter of a seaweed dealer in Sakai, Osaka, who was inclined to steal. Her parents reverently asked Oyasama the reason why, and Her answer was:

‘That is the result of a previous life. Your daughter is not at fault. She only does what her parents did in a previous life.’

The parents then sincerely repented for what they had done, and their daughter was marvelously healed of the bad habit.
And these, my friends, are the teachings for you to follow for your happy and prosperous life, the joyous life.

1. I want to thank you all for your help this past Tenrikyo Bazaar. This is the second year in a row that Pearl Church has taken care of the Ohagi making, which has further strengthened the bazaar with continuity in that area. Of course this is due not only to members from this church, but also from members of other affiliations. Also Lewis and Lucas sold bubble drinks as a new item at the bazaar, selling 166 drinks. Thank you very much!

2. As you can see the contractor portion of Phase II is finally completed and the air conditioning is working. We will start painting from tomorrow and will continue for the rest of the month and then start on the flooring. If you are available to do Hinokishin, please come out to help at any time.

3. The Dendocho 50th Anniversary Service will be held this coming Saturday at 10am in the presence of the Shinbashira and Mrs. Nakayama. It is a big event and we want everyone to join in the celebration. The Dendocho September Monthly Service will be held the following day on Sunday at 9am and the Women’s Association and Young Men’s Association General Meeting will be held right after without any monthly service sermon. Just a reminder that for both days parking will be at Tenri Cultural Center where we had the bazaar.

4. Nioigake Day on following day, Monday, is cancelled.

5. The weekly service practices every Thursday night will be
suspended until after the construction is complete.

6. The Pearl Church 70th Anniversary and Renovation Dedication Service is scheduled for Sunday, November 14th. Please encourage your friends and family to attend this very important and joyous occasion.

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