Tenrikyo Pearl Church Monthly Service – 2009 April Service

Good morning.  I would like to thank all of you for being here to attend the April Monthly Service here at Pearl Church and thank you for your kind and sincere offerings.  I am sure God the Parent and Oyasama is really happy to see you all here today and to have performed the service with joy and in high spirits!

      As most of you know, this month is Oyasama’s Birthday Month.  She was born on April 18, 1798, making this year her 2xxth birthday. 


In the human body, Tsukiyomi no Mikoto is the providence of the male organ, of bones and support; in the world the providence of support in general.

In the providence chart, it’s located in the northwest directly opposite Kunisazuchi in the southeast.  This is also the instrument to deliver offspring in human reproduction.  The turtle is one of the animals with the skeletal structure outside of the body.  Shell fish, such as shrimp, crab and lobsters also have outside skeletal structures.  As you know vertebrate have their skeletal structures inside the body.  Bones support the spine.  There are many different levels of evolutionary development, but the vertebrate animals are the highest ranking.  Among birds and mammals, human beings are the highest developed creature.

      As you know, vertebrates are in the higher development.  This means that the inside skeletal structure not only supports the body, but also allows greater freedom of movement and many other developmental potential.  For example the brain is protected by bone.  The most important part of the body is covered with bone; however, the movement of the body is supported, but not covered by the bone which allows this freedom of movement.  That is why the evolution of vertebrates is making rapid progress.  You might say that the bone is possibly the symbol of progress and development in living things.

      Humans are two legged animals and this is important because it is the reason why we can hold a bigger brain and this encourages brain development.  Also by standing up you can see farther and have a wider field of vision.  Standing on two legs frees our hands to do work and a wide variety of other things.

      In the body the providence of bones supports the body and protects its various organs, such as ribs protect the heart and lungs, the skull protects the brain.

      The providence of support is represented by the orca or killer whale.  The killer whale is very strong and very smart, can go days without food, but when it finds its prey, it can kill even a large whale.  When we look at these characteristics, we have clues as to the nature of males.  Men are physically strong and fierce in hunting for food, protecting the family and attacking enemies.

      We know a Mr. A. who has a bone disorder, sore back and a hip problem.  When you look at his situation we see that for many years he neglected his family and uses his income to go drinking at bars.  Because of his condition he had to quit his job, but he still goes out drinking.  He has a violent temper.  When he’s really angry, he breaks things and throws objects at people.  He, as the husband and father should protect and support the family. So we can see how his physical condition is closely related to his personal life.  He is lacking the providence of Tsukiyomi no Mikoto.

      The bone is covered with skin and muscles, so it works unseen. (Rev. Matataro Sawada; “Satoshi, Satori:” p.) It means that if we have a disorder of the bone we should work unseen and work in the background supporting those above us with utmost effort. It is not good for the bones to be exposed.  In the same way it is not good to brag about our accomplishments or to work hard in front of people and slack off behind their backs.  According to the providence and disorder chart, anger is also associated with diseases of the bone.

      Why does God give us illness, problems and pain?  Because of God’s love for us, God wants us to grow and learn through the experience.

      For diseases of the bone and joints, it would do well for us tone down our anger and be firm in upholding the truth of the teachings.  Upholding the truth of the teachings is to practice them by first recognizing that you were healthy up till now and to be grateful for that. Next we need to realize that illness is a blessing, because it is due to God’s love for us and it is exactly what we need at that particular time.  We can be grateful for the times that we were healthy and it gives us a chance to reflect and to mature spiritually.

In the Ofudesaki we read:

        Ponder over it! There is nothing at all which should be called illness.

        It is but a road sign or an admonition from God.    III: 138


   1. If you recall last month, that although Mrs. Misue Nakao, wife of the head minister of our upper church, Tengen Branch Church could not come to Hawaii we gave her message on the Women’s Association 100th Anniversary in 2010.  This month will be one year before the 100th Anniversary event.  We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to return to Jiba in 2010 for this event.
   2. We would like to thank everyone for your hinokishin at the BGA Spring Camp and 34th General Meeting held last month on March 21-23.  A total of 13 people participated with 8 children and 5 adults from Pearl Church.
   3. This Mission HQ monthly service was held yesterday so no mission HQ monthly service on the third Sunday this month.  Instead the BGA will be conducting its annual Oyasama BD activity from 10am.
   4. The BGA is conducting another fundraiser which is the Pizza Hut buy one get one free literacy card for $10 each.  If you ever buy pizza, you will know that you can save money with this card.  And we are also selling the all natural Bank chips.
   5. Also our yard work fundraiser is still going on so if you know of anyone needing yard work, please let us know.
   6. The next BGA activity is the Oyasama Birthday Activity will be on next Sunday on April 19th at Mission HQ from 10am.
   7. Following that on Saturday, May 2nd is the All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day at Honolulu Zoo.  Due to our big group last year, mission HQ has chartered a school bus for Pearl Church.  Pickup time at Pearl Church will be at 8:10am followed by another p/u at Palolo Pool at 8:20.  Last there were 34 participants from Pearl Church, so this year we would like to fill the bus with 50 people.  So please tell your friends and family!  We’ll be having lunch there for Pearl Church members so the return p/u from the zoo is 12:45pm.
   8. Also, next month on Saturday, May 16th is the joint WA, YMA & YWC General Meeting at 9:30am, featuring a food bazaar after the service and meeting.

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