June 2008 Monthly Service. David Taylor just returned from six months deployment. June 8, 2008

Moses, Ayumu and Chieko at the June monthly service. June 8, 2008

Vasana Amos first trip to Jiba: attended basics course and 3 Besseki lectures: June 23-25

Former home stay student Ms. Tomoko Adachi visited Tenri from Osaka and attended the Basics Course with Taeko and Vasana on June 23, 2008!

Vasana shared her Jiba experience at the July monthly service! July 13, 2008

Tomoko visited Tenri again and this time attended her first Besseki lecture with Alex and Elmer (as auditor)! July 21, 2008

Pastor Owen as Shohi (BGA Hinokishin Corps) counselor with members of the America-Canada-Hawaii group. July 25, 2008

Pastor Owen and son Lucas. Total two young counselors from Pearl Church!

Hawaii members Eric Lee and Gordon Inouye serving tea in front of the main sanctuary.

All the Overseas Shohi groups were treated to a special visit by the Shinbashira. He visited the America-Canada-Hawaii group last. He shook hands with everyone. Lucas was a little late in extending his hand since he was way in the back. The Shinbashira thought he shook hands with everyone and turn around to head toward the door, when Lucas finally extended his hand to the Shinbashira’s back! Everyone laughed, so the Shinbashira turned around again to shake Lucas’ hand.

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