Jarrett Middle School Foundation Annual Dinner Foundation 2014

Jarrett_foundation_flier_2014Dear Members and Friends,

As part of our work in the Palolo Valley community, I serve on the Jarrett Middle School Foundation which raises awareness and funds to help the students (which are mostly from the Palolo Low Income apartments) of Jarrett attend school activities such as school excursions, 6th grade camp, purchase band instruments, uniforms for the cross country team, etc. Many teachers spend their own money to help the needy students, but they need to know that the community is behind them. It is absolutely vital that we support the teachers that are mentoring the young people in our valley. They serve as role models that help to reduce delinquency. If the community and teachers don’t care, the children become problems in our community later.

Just last week five teenage boys robbed the store next door (Number One Store) with two cases of beer. I felt helpless as I saw the store owner struggle with the boys and called the police. I yelled at the store owner to just let them go, which he did eventually. Getting hurt over two cases of beer was not worth it.

This incident reminds me that there is delinquency in the valley and that we need to work together to bring up the children in right way. They say “It takes a village to raise a child.”

This year we will be celebrating our 20th year and I’d like to call on our members and friends to support our cause by joining in the annual dinner fundraiser on Saturday, November 15. See attached. If you want to join our table, no need to submit the form, just let me know and make your check payable to Tenrikyo Pearl Church. We will reserve your seat and make the payment together with everyone for our table.

Owen Nakao

Jarrett Foundation Dinner 2014 Flier (pdf)

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Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great

"Inori: Prayer - Conversation with Something Great" and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami
“Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great” and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami

In this year of the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii 60th Anniversary, a free commemorative symposium will be held on

Saturday, November 22, 2016

9:00am to 11:30am

Ala Moana Hotel [Garden Lanai Meeting Room]

The symposium consists of a video movie titled “Inori: Prayer – Conversation with Something Great” and a motivational address by internationally renown scientist Dr. Kazuo Murakami.

Download Flier: Symposium_Murakami [PDF] (different from image)

Grand Service this Sunday!

Thank you all again for your hinokishin, offerings and spiritual support in commemoration of Pearl Church’s 80th Anniversary held on September 14, last month.  Mahalo!​

As a Shuyoka (Three-month Spiritual Development Course in Jiba) instructor in Jiba in 2004, ​one the students asked, “How can you even begin to understand God?! God is infinite! This universe is so vast! The earth turns on its axis every 24 hrs at a speed of x thousands of miles an hour, without making a SOUND! After the emphasis on the word, “sound,” there was total silence for a few seconds, as if it to make sure the earth wasn’t making any sound.

I replied, “Exactly!”  But we can get somewhat close to God’s intent and God’s heart.  Let’s look at the scripture and read:

To God, who began this world,
all of you in the world are equally My beloved children.                             IV: 62
Because of My love for all My children,
I exhaust My mind in every kind of way.                                                      IV: 63
I desire to teach everything to you children quickly.
Take notice of this hastening in the mind of God!                                        IV: 64
I wait impatiently for My children to awaken to the truth.
There is nothing else in the thoughts of God.                                                            IV: 65

You human beings must all love your children.
From this, please think of the regret of God.                                              XIII: 27

From these verses the student was able to calm down and move on with the class.

Further in Instruction Three we read:

Concerned about our future, God the Parent urges us through various knots, or challenging situations, to replace the mind.

       Whatever I do, it is solely from Tsukihi’s (God’s) single desire to save you.
                                                                                         Ofudesaki XII: 78

This verse teaches us that everything God does is motivated solely by the parental love that desires to save all human beings.

All misfortunes and difficulties are expressions of the parental love that desires us to cleanse our hearts. We should not only reflect critically on ourselves but also work proactively for the salvation of others by accepting that, through the challenging situations that have arisen; we are being urged to help others be saved.

From Instruction Three by the Shinbashira

Join us in joy and gratitude on the path of the Joyous Life.

October Grand Service this Sunday,
October 12, 2014, 10am
Tenrikyo Pearl Church
1634 10th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ph: 808-734-1449

Rev. Owen Nakao
for Peace and the Joyous Life World!

Garage Sale 2014

Garage Sale Flyer 2014


Announcing the Tenrikyo Pearl Church Garage Sale 2014!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

8:00 AM – 12:00 noon

1634 10th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816 (map)

Preorder Spam musubi & cone sushi: 734-1449

Donors: Please bring your items to Tenrikyo Pearl Church by Saturday June 28, 2014 by 12noon.  Receipts for tax deductions available upon request.

Buyers:  On sale will be: used clothing, baby things, toys, sushi, baked goods, bread, used golf balls, and lots more!  Sorry no early bird sales.

1989 Dodge Van Farewell


We want to once again thank Tomo Kaisho for his donation of a 2005 Savana 15-passenger van which just completed repairs, safety check and registration.

At the same time, we bid farewell and express our thanks to our 89 Dodge van which has served us faithfully for 7 years from 2007. I will be putting it up for sale on Craigslist, but before that I want to make it available to our church members or their friends who might be interested in purchasing it. See below for photos.

It’s has a little over 104,000 miles on it.

It’s a 15-passenger, but sits only 11 due to the back bench seat was removed and disposed of to make space to load equipment.

The bad

  • A/C front doesn’t work due to fan broken, should be an easy repair at repair shop.
  • Some rust, see photo
  • Roof leaks, but repairable
  • Dent on the back left rear side body, see photo.
  • Sliding door needs a little upward elbow grease to close.
  • Safety check expired 4/30/14. Windshield washer spray needs to be repaired to pass safety inspection.

The good

  • The engine runs well, smooth and strong.
  • The back a/c works
  • The registration was just renewed, expires in March 2015, $416 value
  • Spare tire, jack, tire iron included
  • Tires are in good shape.
  • Brake master cylinder was replaced a few years ago.
  • Battery is fairly new.

Asking $1000.

Rev. Owen Nakao, cell: 381-9612


All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day at Honolulu Zoo 2014

Aloha everyone!

Thank you to you all for your hinokishin and efforts for the Path!

Just a friendly reminder to participate in the zoo cleanup this

Saturday, 5/3 from 9am.

Meet at right (facing the entrance) side of front entrance at 8:45am. Hinokishin is at 9-11am. As we’re always short on equipment, please bring your own dust pans, rakes and brooms with your name labeled on them. Trash bags are provided. And if you have them, wear the One-world, one family T-shirt!

We will serving chili dog with rice lunch. Please join us after the Hinokishin at 11am and also enjoy the zoo!

If you would like to help with the food please let me know.

We need someone to bring one or more of the following:

  • rice (cooked),
  • boiled hotdogs,
  • hotdog buns,
  • condiments,
  • dessert.

Grace is bringing the chili. Thank you. We’re expecting 25-30.

Pearl church will provide, table, mat, water, paper goods, utensils.

Rev. Owen Nakao

February Monthly Service 2014


We had the honor of having the Bishop and his family attend this month’s service.  I would like to thank everyone for your support, offerings and for joining us in welcoming him and taking the time to get to know him and Mrs. Yamanaka.  We had a record number of attendees at 35.

February 2014 Sermon: Eternal Virtue

February 2014 Prayer

 Rev. Owen Nakao

Eternal Virtue – February 2014

Good morning. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to attend the February Service here at Pearl Church and thank you for your kind and sincere offerings. I am sure God the Parent and Oyasama is really happy to see you all here today and to have performed the service with joy and in high spirits!

Eternal Virtue

The Tenrikyo faith in the Nakao family has continued for many generations since 1875. I would be the fifth generation in this faith. Due to this long faith continuing from generation to generation, I am blessed and thankful for the seeds of sincerity planted by my ancestors. One of the biggest blessings I received was being able to become a fulltime minister.

It was about thirteen years ago I was able to quit my regular paying job and do nioigake and salvation work fulltime. We have encountered many people through our salvation work. However, it was not easy as people are not necessarily receptive to the teachings. So we decided to care for a 10-year old boy who had ADHD, as foster parents. This boy needed to take medication to calm down and focus. He had a history of chasing his mother with a knife in his hand. The case manager suggested that we put a lock on the knife drawer as a precaution. We decided to hide the knives under the bed at night.

One-day, I took the foster boy to the barber shop on razor scooters. On the way and I met my classmate on the street. We shall call him Mr. A. We stopped and I asked him how he was and he explained that he had stomach pains for twenty-seven years. His stomach pains are so severe that he has to lie on the floor in a fetal position. When the pain attack comes he would go to emergency, sometimes by ambulance. But the doctors do not know the cause and they don’t know the cure. They just administer some morphine and send him home after which they later send him large hospital bills. We can only imagine how he went through life for twenty-seven years with this condition. I suppose it was like going through a dark alley with demons tormenting him with spears poking him every which way. He later told me that he wanted to take his own life, because he didn’t see any hope and because there was no cure for his condition. I asked him if I could pray for him and went to his house everyday for two weeks to administer the sazuke. He got a little better and started to visit our church everyday. He told me, “My life has really changed. Before I met you, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, now I can see a faint light.

However, two months later, he was involved in a traffic accident when coming to our church on his bicycle. A minivan hit him. It happened very close to our church, a few houses down the street. Neighbors came to his aid and Mr. A asked one of them to call “Owen” at the church there. When I heard a man calling my name I came out. He explained what happened and I rushed out to see Mr. A. He was lying in the middle of the street, with many people coming out to see what was going on. I saw a damaged minivan near him. The windshield was shattered with a crater the size of a human head and there was a big dent in the front corner of the van. I assumed he was seriously injured due to the damage on the van, and at the same time I wondered, “Oh, no, why did this happen when he was on the way to our church?” He was crossing the street towards this church to deliver his extra newspaper to us. I immediately did the sazuke and told him to rely on God. After the sazuke, the ambulance came and took him away. At the hospital, while he was waiting for the doctor, I did the sazuke on him again hoping for the best. He was told he had to stay overnight.

The next morning I visited him and administered the sazuke. He said that he needed to do one more test. And that afternoon, he called me from his home to let me know that there was nothing wrong! What a miracle! I said, “You are so lucky!” And I felt he had received God’s protection.
In the Ofudesaki we read:

Day by day, hasten to begin the Service.
You will escape any danger whatever.

Ofudesaki X: 19

Previously, Mr. A said couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and later he said that he can now see the light. However, after the accident, Mr. A, said, “Now, I have come out of the tunnel into the light and I want to tell everyone, how happy I am.” He said that now everything looks beautiful and pleasant. He said now I can see how beautiful the flowers are, the birds chirping and the beautiful blue sky. He said that previously, he didn’t really believe in God, but now, he says, “God really exists!” He said that through the accident, God gave him a second chance. Needless to say, I was very happy and relieved that he was ok. He was still experiencing stomach pains, but they were not as severe or as often as before. Like everyone, he has his up and downs in his faith, but he’s always very thankful for his blessings.

Thirteen years has passed since then. He now has a regular fulltime job for the past 3 or 4 years. When we asked him how he’s doing, he answered that he is fine and that he no longer experiences those stomach pains.

Next, in our more recent salvation work, we are helping a Japanese man in his fifties, who worked at and owned a computer software firm and also owned a restaurant in Japan. He came to Hawaii about ten years ago with a dream to start a business. However, he couldn’t speak English and his health deteriorated due to a health condition. Soon he was forced to quit his job and became homeless. He was told that in the U.S. there were many social welfare services to help the poor such as housing, food stamps, medical insurance and interpreter services for immigrants. He could live comfortably with these support services. He finally obtained housing and started a normal life. Because of his health condition, he has a hard time seeing and hearing and experienced numbness in his legs. Many people in his condition will eventually need to amputate. However, he was able to improve his health condition through medication and medical care and is able to walk.

A few days ago, he got a notice of violation of the rental agreement which terminated the rental agreement and has to move out. When I asked him the reason for the violation, he answered that it was because he doesn’t understand or speak English. Due to the language barrier, he was found at fault for a recent dispute with a neighbor. It has come to a point where he has to move out and become homeless again.

He takes the government welfare services for granted. He said that it is only natural that the government should help the poor and the sick. I felt that his attitude would not take him to a better place and improve his situation.

I told him that since he has received much assistance and benefits from the government, he should do some volunteer work in the community or church. But he answered that due to his physical condition, he cannot stand for a long time and didn’t display any interest at all. I felt that he didn’t want to do anything that doesn’t pay for his efforts. It is not good for followers of the faith to point out the negative traits of another person. We should look at any negative situations as opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

In the Ofudesaki, we read:

There are a great number of people living throughout the world,
but their minds are all as if in a haze.

Ofudesaki VI: 14

The population in the world is about 7 billion. I feel that the Ofudesaki is saying that the people of the world cannot see ahead because of this haze or selfish thinking.

Again, in the Ofudesaki:

Day by day, your innermost heart will be purified and understanding
will come. You will come to see the truth as you mature.

Ofudesaki VI: 15

The people’s minds are as if in a haze. However, if you follow the Teachings on a daily basis and have faith in God, the mind becomes clear and can understand the will of God the Parent.

This is the difference between people who have faith in God and those who do not. Those of us without faith in God, cannot see our face in the mirror. Those of us with faith can clearly see our mind and know what we need to do. When the mind is clear, we can see clearly, and can tell whether we are acting in ways that conform to God’s intention or according to our own selfish desires.

By the truth to helping others, our dreams can come true and we can receive necessities when we need it.

In conclusion, by helping others and making other people happy, our life will be lifted up, with good health and we will want to do even more to serve God and the community.

In the Osashizu: January 29, 1889, we read

Faith lasting for one generation is rewarded as such, that for two generations as such; and that lasting from one generation to another is rewarded with an eternal virtue.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.


  1. Thank you for bringing your deposit cans and bottles for our fundraising drive. We are still continuing our fundraising efforts to recoat the roof in preparation of the solar panel installation later this month. Please continue bringing your deposit cans and bottles and any yard work referrals.
  2. Also thank you very much for helping at the BGA Leadership Camp and annual New Year Park Cleanup and BBQ Picnic held last month. One counselor and three adult volunteers from Pearl Church participated and helped to conduct the camp. About 80 persons came for the Moiliili Stadium park cleanup of which 13 were from Pearl Church. Thank you for volunteering your time to do nioigake in the community!
  3. The annual Tenri Cultural Center cleanup is scheduled for President’s day, Monday, February 17 from 9am. Lunch will be served at 11am.
  4. As one of the activities leading up to Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary, the Mission Headquarters will be conducting a Yoboku Gathering on March 15th, 9-11:30. The guest speaker will be Setsumi’s brother, Rev. Toshi Yukimoto of Central Fresno Church in Fresno, California. Please mark your calendar for this important function.
  5. The annual BGA Spring Camp will be held next month on March 21-23, Friday-Sunday. We would like to ask for everyone’s hinokishin.
  6. Please take advantage of these activities accomplish several tasks at one time:
    1. Sweep away your mental dusts and further your spiritual growth.
    2. Do nioigake by inviting friends and family.
    3. Transmit the faith to the next generation.
    4. Plant seeds of sincerity by sharing the joy of faith to the people around you and the community.
  7. Please welcome: Bishop and Mrs. Yamanaka and son Goichi. Also two Tenri Kyoko Gakuen students staying at Setsumi’s place. Also, Minori Hirata who is attending the NICE program at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus.

Spring Grand Service 2014

Before God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, I, Owen Osamu Nakao, Pastor of Tenrikyo Pearl Church, wish to humbly express the following prayer:

On January 26, 1887, while the first followers of the path fulfilled Your request for the Service to be performed by all means, our beloved Oyasama opened the portals and hid Her physical form, to work forever, in spirit, for the salvation of all humankind.

In commemoration of this event, today is set aside for the performance of the January Grand Service. We, yoboku and members of this church, have assembled before You, to perform the service in high spirits and in unison with the harmonious sounds of the musical instruments. We pray, that as You look upon us, our joy may be truly shared with You.

As we look forward to this New Year, we remember and give thanks for your deep parental love through the blessings of miraculous healings, and the many people who have attended the various church activities during this past year. With the pastor of this church serving as chairman of the Boys and Girls Association Hawaii chapter, activities were successfully held without serious accidents.

Last year,

  • an average of twenty-four persons attended the Pearl Church monthly service.
  • Thirteen persons from Pearl Church participated in the Boys and Girls Association park cleanup and BBQ picnic in January;
  • eight persons helped at the all Tenri Cultural Center Cleanup Hinokishin in February;
  • two children and eight adults attended and helped at the annual Boys & Girls Association Spring Camp and General Meeting;
  • seven persons attended the Boys and Girls Association Oyasama Birthday Activity,
  • twenty-seven persons from Pearl Church participated in the All Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day at Honolulu Zoo in April,
  • sixteen persons attended the annual Tenrikyo Picnic,
  • 9 persons returned to Jiba this past year, including 5 participants in the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba,
  • twenty-two persons helped at the Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar in which the pastor served as chairman, and
  • fifteen persons attended the Young Men’s Association-Women’s Association-Young Women’s Club Joint General Meeting.
  • An average of three persons helped with the weekly yard work on neglected sidewalks and yards of the elderly and physically challenged throughout the year, as well as at the Tenri Cultural Center.
  • Also, a special tree trimming hinokishin was done at MHQ by six Pearl Church members on November 11th.
  • The Sazuke was administered at least 274 times in 2013.
  • The pastor of this church continued to serve as president of the Jarrett Middle School Foundation for the second year.
  • The biggest accomplishment last year was the acquisition of the back property which was purchased on November 22nd with the members’ sincere efforts and unity of mind. We give thanks for all these wonderful blessings.

This month we will start the second of the three years, one thousand days leading up to Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary since Oyasama hid her physical self. The Shinbashira has issued Instruction Three in the hope that we yoboku and followers will make decisive efforts to grow spiritually and conduct our activities with a unity of mind.

Also in this 177th Year of Tenrikyo, we will be celebrating the Hawaii Mission Headquarters 60th Anniversary on May 17th and in September, Pearl Church‘s 80th Anniversary. In order that we may observe these anniversaries with unity of mind and spiritual growth, we resolve to engage in nioigake and salvation work to plant seeds of sincerity during this seasonable time towards Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary.

Please accept our sincerity as we strive to become single-hearted in our efforts of salvation work. We shall spread the fragrance of the Path even further, so that the minds of all in the world may become awakened to the Truth that You teach. We pray that our actions throughout this New Year will bring us yet closer, to the goal of the Joyous Life.

In union with the congregation, I humbly pray, may it be so.

December Monthly Service Prayer

Before God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, I, Owen Osamu Nakao, Pastor of Tenrikyo Pearl Church, pray with reverence:

God the Parent, we are grateful for Your constant protection and gradual instruction that guides us on the path to spiritual growth.  In this last month of this 176th year of Tenrikyo we give thanks for the many and continuous blessings we have received throughout the year.

Today, for this December monthly service at Pearl Church, the service performers will now unite their hearts to perform the seated service and Teodori joyfully and in high spirits.  Please accept our prayers as we brothers and sisters of this Path have looked forward to this day and have gathered before You to sing the Mikagura-uta.

Through your blessing an average of three persons performed weekly yard work services for the elderly and disabled in the community, including four persons who trimmed trees at Mission Headquarters for two days in November.

Twenty-three persons attended the thanksgiving service and dinner held on November 28 at Pearl Church. Lastly we give thanks on the successful acquisition of the back property which has doubled the size of the church property. The addition will initially provide housing for staff and parking for members. We thank those instrumental in the purchase.

In the remaining days of this year we vow to work together engaging in hinokishin and salvation work with a unity of mind and we look forward to the New Year, the second of the three years, one thousand days leading up to Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary in 2016.  We have since received Instruction Three from the Shinbashira and vow to take the words to heart and respond to Oyasama’s boundless parental love with decisiveness.

We pray that Your guidance will strengthen us into worthy Yoboku, striving with a single heart for the salvation of others.  We hope that our efforts will bring joy to You and peace in this world where all people help one another as brothers and sisters.  With our minds in unity toward the Truth of the Jiba, we would like to spiritedly perform the last monthly service of the 176th Year of Tenrikyo.

In union with the congregation, I pray for these blessings.