Garage Sale!

Thank you very much to all who made donations and did hinokishin help at the garage sale held this morning at Tenrikyo Pearl Church!

We grossed $166.65 ֠60.59 for garage sale ads in Honolulu Advertiser & Star Bulletin for net proceeds of $106.06 which will go into the Jiba Pilgrimage fund which is now about $8,000. A little here and a little there really adds up, and we feel really blessed and thankful that many of you can contribute.

Last year we were able to help three persons: Edwin Li (12yrs old), Dylan Uno (12yrs old) and Russell Barre return to Jiba using some of these funds and weӲe hoping that we can continue this year. Edwin and Dylan attended at the Childrenӳ Pilgrimage activities and Russell attended the Besseki lectures. Although attending the Besseki lectures is not a Գet in stoneԠrequirement to receive assistance, we highly encourage some kind of commitment on the part of the recipient. This will give greater meaning to their Pilgrimage and Գpiritual journeyԠso to speak.

Presently, Rev. Yoshinobu Nakao, Carl Nakao and myself will be departing on October 21 for the Autumn Pilgrimage, (I will be returning on 10/27) if you, a friend or relative wish to join us please contact me as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that it takes 8 weeks to process a passport if you donӴ have one or itӳ expired (two weeks expedited with extra charge).

Pastor Owen

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