September Monthly Service

The truth of participating in the monthly service is the truth of everlasting joy. With the addition of Chieko as our 16th yoboku (literally it means ԴimberԠto be used in the construction of the joyous life world or missionary or person who has received the Truth of Sazuke to be able to pray for the healing of sick individuals) at Tenrikyo Pearl Church which is presently the required number of yoboku needed for a mission station to become a church, I feel that we have as it is mentioned in the Mikagura-uta (Sacred Songs of the Service) Song Twelve, last verse:

Ԇinally, This time, all the members of carpenters have assembled.ԍ

This means that since Դhe (required number of) carpenters have assembledԠwe can begin the construction of the Ԫoyous life worldԠwhich is the purpose of our existence. Please come forth to join us in the wonderful construction!

The mental dust of self-love and the Jiba Pilgrimage will be the subject of our sermon.

Pastor Owen

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