Pearl Church Painting Schedule

Forgot about members home services tomorrow morning (9/22). So painting prep will start at 1pm.
Schedule as follows:  Changes highlighted

We 9/22 1-4pm PH (Painting Hinokishin)
Th  9/23 9-4pm PH
Fr  9/24 9-4pm PH
Sa  9/25 8am Autumn Memorial Service at Pearl Church
      10am-4pm Painting hinokishin
Su  9/26 9am Yohaishiki at MHQ
       10am Bazaar Evaluation Meeting at MHQ
        Sorry Painting hinokishin canceled

Mo 9/27 10am Autumn Memorial Service at MHQ
              2pm – 4pm Painting Hinokishin
Tu 9/28  9-4pm PH
We 9/29 9-4pm PH
Th 9/30 9-4pm PH
Fr 10/1 9-4pm PH
Sa 10/2 9-1pm PH
Su 10/3 9-4 PH. Hopefully finished by then.

If you can come early like 7:30 or 8am, please come, there's always something to do!

Rev. Owen

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