October Grand Service


I would like to thank the tons of people (only Robert Nam and James Katsumoto) who have been helping with the church painting hinokishin which started last week.  Not only painting but we have other hinokishin as well, sorting deposit containers, sweeping and raking, cooking for the volunteers, etc.

This month we celebrate the start of Tenrikyo when God the Parent spoke through Oyasama's mouth saying, “I am God of Origin, God in Truth.  There is causality in this Residence. At this time I have descended here to save all humankind.  I wish to receive Miki as the Shrine of God.”  That was October 26, 1838 and it is for this reason we call it the “October Grand Service.”  The Truth of the Church Headquarters monthly service being held on the 26th is based on this day and the day of Oyasama's withdrawal from physical life on January 26th, 1887.

Please join us this Sunday, October 10, 2010, at 10am as we commemorate this day, give thanks for our daily blessings and receive the Truth of continued blessings!

Tenrikyo Pearl Church
1634 10th Avenue (next to Number One Store)
Honolulu, Hawaii  96816

Rev. Owen Nakao

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