Stone Pavement for the back yard

back yard pavement (incomplete)

We would like to thank Robert Nam and his friend Toshi Lau for their Hinokishin in donating materials and laying out gravel and stepping stones for our stone pavement yesterday on the store side of Pearl Church.  The stone pavement will prevent soil from being washed down and accumulating in a muddy mess on the lower mauka and Ewa side of the property.  Also to facilitate the storing and moving of wheeled equipment in that area.

While it was very generous of Mr. Toshi Lau to donate 27 stepping stones, we would like to call on our members and friends to participate as well.  We need an additional 208 at $4 per stepping stone to complete the project.  The deposit container income has helped to cover costs for items such as redwood retaining boards, rebar pegs, and perhaps purchase 50 stepping stones.  Thank you to those have contributed their deposit containers! 

We still have 158 more to go.  Donating just one stepping stone will help our cause.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Rev. Owen Nakao

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